LST okay?

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  1. What do you all think of the way I put them?

    Too much? Too little?

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  2. Looking good. They'll be pointed back up in no time, so you may want to keep tying it down around the pot as it grows.
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    Press the stem around the 2nd node to flatten it a bit (perpendicular to the way you want to bent it... i.e. if using your pot as a compass N,S,E,W @ 12,6,3,9, o'clock if you want to bend the plant in the 12 o clock positioon press it to flatten the sides running in the 3-9 o clock direction) Then pull your plant down even lower toward the 12 o clock position. Then repeat the process every 3 nodes aroound the outside of your pot. This way they will stay very very low and increase your yield even more. PLus this way you can get the light as close to the lower buds as possible. The closer you get your main stem to run parallel to the soil in the pot the better.

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