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  1. Ok i have been reading here lately about low stress training. i cant really find many pictures about it. i read a guid here on GC explaining how to do it. doesnt seem all that hard to do. it was a good guide. but i was wondering more along the lines of it is really worth doing or should i just top them and let them grow that way.

    i would really like to know the advantages of growing this way and the disadvantages of it as well. i cant seem to find many pics online they are either amazing plants or they dont even look like the effort you would put into doing it.

    so if anybody has any experince in this and can give me any pointers or advice it would greatly be appricated.

    i should let you know that i have topped two of the plants already. so would i still be able to do this or should i just let those grow? i dont really have much of a height restriction.

    i have 4 clones
    white widow
    purple kush
    hindu kush
    deep chunk x strawberry cough

    i have grown the hindu skunk before but if anybody has any advice or pointers for the others let me know... im open ears to any and all advice... thanks in advance
  2. scroll threw the grow journals, myles has a good grow journal with LST on a few of his plants. it definantly makes more grow sites and a more bushy plant definantly.
    grow journals is where you'll find all the pictures of LST, but your going to have to take some time out of your day to look around. has ALOT of grow journals aswell.
  3. I'm just starting to LST the plants in my 2nd grow journal (in my sig). PM me if you
    have any specific questions.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  4. im really wondering if its worth all the trouble or just let them grow straight up... does it produce more bud this way???? i dont know much about it so i would like to know anything your willing to tell me.

    im still fairly new to growing this is only my second grow but the 1st grow turned out great. just wondering how to get the most out of my plant and when can i take a clone from it???

  5. if done right you'll get quite a few good "top bud" like bud sites. ya know the big ones. instead of just one at the very top you'll have a few all over.

    its not a hastle unless your plant is already grown a bit. its really easy to do just take some pipe cleaner or anythingg you'd like to pull down the plant a bit.
  6. I dunno, I was able to LST a 5.5 footer last year, no problem.

    Yeah you'll increase your yield.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

  7. ok.......Here is a link to another thread that might help you, I thought it was useful:

    Here is an actual picture that another user posted:

    Hopes this helps dude. :cool:
  8. heres a picture of my lst'd plant iit has 35 bud sites and 15 of them are going to like crown colas its just growing slowly because of over watering maybe some root rot. its my first indoor grow, i always read people being affraid to bend the plant its a plant well a weed and and grow in all climates and can be beat around. this plant sits in a 36wide 18deep 36 tall rubbermaid cabnits under 250watts of cfl, i vegged it for 32 days then fliped it to 12/12, I use twist ties, i go to price chopper and buy a fruit and take about 200 and put them in a bag and there easy to work with. lst is the way to go for cfls because the light can't penatrate shit even with 42watters, but im happy with it, first picture is from 5-8 second picture from 6-9

    also my plant has been budding for about a month and maybe a week, and its less then a foot tall, i also keept my lights within 2-4inchs at all times, you cant see i dont think in the pictures but each branch has a twist tie going to the edge of the pot holding them horizontal to maximize yeild




  9. i have also found a few places that talk about scrog... i have no idea what that is, can anybody explain this method to me as well??? thanks for all the help guys...

    its only my 2nd grow and im using 2 two foot floursent lighting fixtures... works good but trying to keep the light as close to the plant as possible thought LST was the way to go...
  10. LOL! JESUS! Is that a pot plant, or a fucking shrub?!?! :yummy:
  11. this is 2 THC bomb from seed, vegged for 6 weeks, lst'd w/ twistys.I only made it halfway around my 7 inch pot. now 4 weeks flower 12/12. Very easy. Looks like at least 4 fat colas are plumping up for me.

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  12. Forgot the flower pics

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