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(LST) Low Stress Training

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WarioA805, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. I have two clones growing trying to grow more tops and train the plants so went with giving L.S.T. a chance. I'm a first time grower that have lots of questions and need any advice. About 1 month into veg nutrients I'm using Sensi Grow part A and part B with voodoo juice. Here is some picture of my plants before and after.

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  2. Lst is a good trick for any size plant looks like you did it right to me how long till you hit 12/12
  3. Yeah I had them in veg for about 5 weeks now and not shure when to start the flowering.
    How much longer should I wait to start flowering
  4. just depends on you bud! just keep in mind your plants will double or triple in size a few weeks into it.
  5. When u switch to flowering schedule are there any certain tips or tricks that I should do? Do I need to flush the plants or just start switching up the nutrients
  6. Just make sure all your tops are pointed up after you tie down once all the little nodes are pointing up and have grown up to be even with the rest of your canopy or close then start but keep the stretch in mind
  7. i would maybe back off the veg nutes and slowly start adding bloom nutes, not sure if you should flush before hand.
  8. Yep and the flush I don't do some folks do do it I don't use any salt base frets in veg so that's why I dont

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