LST, LED, SOG, Drip Feed 4' Veg & 6' Flower Tents 2nd Grow

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    2nd Grow, first grow was 5 plants pulled 180 dry, have been very high ever since :smoking:, main issues were heat, nute burn and root rot, see:

    Just flipped from 20/4 to 14/10 (want em to veg slightly too for now).

    Overview of my setup so far:

    Tent: 4ft tent with 200mm intake and exhaust ducts, with a 120mm fan on each. Room temp ~30C, Tent temp 34C, Lamp temps 42C at 1800rpm and 44C after fan speed reduced to 1000rpm to make them silent. Humidity ~50%

    Another 6ft tent on the way :smoking:

    -2x100W (actual draw) veg panels ordered directly from twilight groups in china, they use 3W Epistar LEDs and custom-ordered LED configuration:

    • 38 blue 460nm
    • 8p white 14000k
    • 2 orange 610nm
    • 2 red 630nm

    - Big 300W (actual draw) flowering lamp, 3w Epistar LEDs aswell

    • 14 Blue 460nm
    • 4 White 14000K
    • 12 Orange 610nm
    • 110 red 630nm 660nm
    • 2 Infared 720nm
    • 2 UV400nm

    DIY Hydro setup:
    • 2x 4x2' adjustable height folding tables, holes drilled for drainage/pumps
    • 5x (7 more coming) 50x38cm flood tray (3 on each table)
    • 5x 35L storage boxes with holes cut in the lids for reservoirs.
    • 4x (2 more coming) 8W submersible pumps
    • 14mm and 4mm Vinyl tubing, 2x 8-way and 2x 4-way manifolds, 100L/H dripper steaks

    Ducth master gold one flower watering at 1.9[ EC I keep it swinging 5.5-5.9, just started adding 0.3ml/L zone (root conditioner), add .27, 3ml/L silica 0.3ml/L.

    Genetics: 13 clones Sugar Haze and white rhino, mixed them up, will have to wait till flowering before I can count them.

    Medium: Pershit (I mean perlite), expanded clay balls on the way

    Pots: They're in 10cm diameter pots atm, gona transplant em up to 20cm pots when medium arrives.

    Training: They were topped and LST'd for a while in veg, not training them any more.

    - Decent waterproof ebay ph meter and EC meter
    - Moisture meter also coming to experiment with ideal watering amount/frequency.

    Smell: Neotek NJ 2500 Negative Ion Generator, can never smell nothing in my tent, just fresh air with a slight hint of ozone.

    And now for the pics, yes my phone is crap sorry, this was under the 2x100w lamps, the flower one will make them red :hello: For more pics see my old thread.

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    I'm giving 230ml per plant every 36-48 hours depending on weather conditions. Now adding 1.5ml/L potash, my last run of flowering my leaves were wayy too dark-green from nitrogen toxicity when upping the ppm, so I'm lowering the EC to 1.9>>>2.2 this run and adding the potash. So overall more P and K, less N should get the balance right.

    Silica and add .27 has seemingly made the stems and leaves stronger, more heat resistance, very healthy looking no signs of nute burn or deficiency, last week when I tried to put them under the 300W lamp they nearly melted, but now they are now much more heat tolerant and can get through the 12 hours of heat.

    In a hurry so 12/12 from tomorrow night.

    With 0.5ml/L dutch master zone cleared up the alge growing on the perlite, it's now white-as-new. The roots are much healthier now and seem to be getting more air, they've outgrown their 10cm pots now, when I pull the entire stalk out of the pot to see the root ball not a grain of perlite falls out :eek: Much better $/ml than h2o2 which even in higher doses doesn't keep all the alge away. Dutch master zone > h2o2.

    So after feeding the girls this soup I now have pearly-white alge-free perlite, healthy, lush green foilage, nice thick stems, faster growth.

    I get all these chemicals for ~$50 for 5L locally, $30/5L for the nutes.
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    Tent temps peaked at 39C today today :eek: But they get 12 hours off now so they battle on and keep bushing out :hello: I have set the timer for 12am-12pm.
  6. How far out do these strains go?
  7. Man the tent canopy is two-thirds full now, I stopped LST a while ago they're gona need to grow vertically now haha.
  8. Gotta get us a pic update ;). I cant wait till my LEDs come in so I rock it too.
  9. I cbf doing pic updates every day they look pretty much the same haha, patience my friend :p Next time under white light aswell.
  10. How is the taste and smell at this point in the cure? Chlorophyll like & pretty acidic, or pure stinky, in a good way?
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    First few days after picking it was kinda wet and tasted like hay. Now they both smell very sweet and fruity now, and it tastes kinda sweet when I vape aswell. I flushed some but it just killed the leaves and didn't taste any different. I've smoked like an ounce of this in the last 3 weeks, life is good :D
  12. subbed! dat blue is sexy. Did you not flush some of your last harvest or something?
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    Yeah I flushed some of the plants and not others but could not pick up any difference in taste between them.

    Tent temps now at 41.4C, and luckily not seeing any heat stressed leaves, no alge or root issues, full dutch master gold range FTW :D It's going to be a VERY hot January, and I hope they pull through without aircon.
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    My 6ft Growlush tent arrived today :D It took me like 4 hours to set up.. some of the tent poles were up to 2cm longer/shorter than they were supposed to be for some reason so it was a pain in the ass to put it together like a jigsaw puzzle, and yeah I eventually got the thing set up.. it looks slightly crooked but meh. Note to self.. do not buy a bigger tent than that :rolleyes:

    Apart from the setup though, it's a pretty nice tent. The fabric and mylar looks much better quality than on the no name tent. The light hanger poles are made of metal too and are very solid, so I don't have to worry about my light collapsing on my fucking plants like my last tent.

    There's only a door on one side of the tent which is kinda annoying. There's a vent at the bottom, two next to each other on the top, so I guess can I get some sort of system set up. It looks very light proof.

    Good build quality, a little lacking in features. But it's. fucking. big. :smoking:

    I've moved the sea of green to the new tent, it takes up less than half the tent at the moment. They are sleeping, I'll take some pics just before lights on.

    I have lost the pure sugar haze genetics for now, I have began germing 4 "rhino haze" (sugar haze+white rhino), and 16 pure white rhino, all homemade seeds from last grow, still have over 100 left. I don't want to spoil my SOG taking any clones.

    Moved the exhaust duct to the new tent, installed a 140mm fan, gona run a duct between the two tents with a 120mm on each end soon.

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    Growlush 6'r.. still got a lot of equipment to buy and setting up to do..

    I also got my soil water/multi-meter today. Out of the 5 readings it reads "dry" or "dry+" 24 hours after the usual watering, and after the usual watering it reads "wet+" so I guess you're meant to stick between "dry" and "wet"? It also has a ph/temp meter, light meter built in which could come in handy. Got my air pumps too, now running an air pump in res half an hour before and during each watering.

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  16. .....

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    Each plant drinking about 300ml (almost the volume of the pot) every 24 hours according to water meter, = 25 litres a week and climbing wow, and they're growing really fast and healthy too. I could really use that medium which is taking forever to arrive, they're quite root bound now.
  19. They are exploding in size, the inside of my tent officially smells dank D: And I've got the 14cm fan and anion generator running too, next grow definitely getting some big carbon filters, the negative ion generator is my last line of defense against the smell :l

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