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  1. Didn't bother to LST the plant when it started is there anyway I can LST it since the bottom of the stem will simply snap if i bend it to far. Top stems part are seemingly fresher and are bendy but the bottom half of the stem simply restricts a full LST pull down.

    Any suggestions for a larger yield training I can apply to my plant?
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  2. you can LST at almost any point in the life of a plant, it's just how much you can train it. As you mentioned the main stems are too old to bend but the upper parts should still be flexible enough to take "some" LST. Even in later stages LST techniques can still be used to open up the center of the plant and also reduce the height somewhat.
  3. PLEASE see my grow Ive LST'd from seed to finish.
    heres a sample;)
  4. Go in steps. Pull her down as far as she's comfy, tie her off, wait two days, and repeat.

    Don't be afraid to push her a little. They'll recover from just about anything, all you're really looking at is lost time. As long as you don't break her completely in half, she'll be ok.
  5. whoa.. very very nice my friend. how many ladies is that??
  6. That picture is 1 plant:D 3 total.
  7. :eek::confused::eek::confused::eek::confused:
    what do you mean "3 total"? like, one plant.... with the yielding potential of three??..
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  9. If you like gigantic colas Lst isnt for you LST will give you a bunch of medium sized colas.:cool:
    TY guys:wave:
  10. i was under the impression that most people (like myself), LST to get the most bud out of the confinement under which they grow. A couple huge "soda can" sized colas...or...a fuckton of medium size colas... it kinda works out in my opinion..:)
  11. gotta cut up those giant colas anyhow, unless you have a $50k de-humidifier..
  12. My larger tops dry weighed 3 grams and I had alot of them I was 4 ounces short of a pound of BUD! 1 plant:cool:
  13. if i could rep you again..... i would.
    thats ALL i want. a lb/plant.
    just one. im doing EVERY thing i can possibly do right now to achieve this. :cool:
  14. I just wanted 1 Lb. and even that is more than I really wanted:eek: I just wanted to smoke and share til I harvest next year looks like i'll have more maybe make hash and eddibles:yummy:
  15. Even in an indoor garden there is a HUGE benefit from using an LST deal.

    Using SmarPots makes it pretty easy because you can take the horticulture velcro tape and it will stick to the sides of the fabric.

    LST can definitely increase your yields by 200%+ with specific strains, i.e. structure. In many cases it's absolutely necessary to get any kind of yield out of sativa and sativa-dominant strains from my experience.


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  16. the velcro sticks to the smart pots?? sorry, ive never used em...

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