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  1. Hi Grass City,

    I currently have six Nirvana Master Kush plants that are about two-three weeks into flowering outdoors. I'm using Fox Farms Ocean Forest and The General Hydroponics BioThrive Bloom and Black Diamond Humic Acid also Via Grow Viabloom and Bat guano teas. I have about three different phenos that have skyrocketed to about 2 1/2 ft already. However, I was hoping for them to veg longer until June. I started them inside in late Feb. I've lost about 14 of them already to animals and bad caregivers:mad::mad::mad::mad:. I gave two of the largest ones a 90 degree LSTtoday hoping that this would increase my yield. For some reason I didn't think to top them during veg. Was this a wise decesion or should I just let them go as normal and pray for more vertical growth?:confused::confused::confused::confused::co nfused::confused::confused: Any input would be greatly appreciated thanx.
  2. I'm just a newbie and on my first grow, but I'm wondering -- when you start a plant indoors under 18/6, and then put it outside where the day lengths are shorter, wouldn't you expect that to induce flowering? And then, when the days get longer instead of shorter like the plant is expecting, would that cause extra stress or cause it to re-vegetate or possibly even hermie? I'm not criticizing, just wondering. I think it's great that you can grow outdoors. sorry you lost so many plants.

    about the LST -- as long as you don't hurt the plant I would think it would be okay -- worth a try anyway.
  3. The LST you did opens the plant up so the lower buds can get more light and grow bigger. I think you done good. Little buds can grow at every node, so this will help them get bigger.
  4. Well Vash, supposedly when one goes from indoor to outdoor it is necessary to harden your plants off gradually outdoors for about a week before you transplant. Also you gradually reduce the amount of light as well. The whole point is to try to simulate and get the plants aclimated to your outside environment with the hopes of making the transition of environments as stress free as possible. This is what I did before transplanting. However, I don't think that this was a factor because they didn't go into flower until about two weeks ago. I transplanted my crop in March!:confused::confused: Also thanx for your input and sympathy. Those darn animals in the forest are a real pain in the arse. The only good thing is that I'm about to transplant 6 Nirvana Super Skunks this week and 1 Cole Train. I'm hoping that this will help save my season.:D:D
  5. If your plants are 3 months old then maybe they were just ready to flower. Two and a half feet is great. My plant (I only have one, from bagseed) is about 22", and she's 56 days into flowering (almost ready:)). She was only about 10 or 12" when I flipped the lights to 12/12, and then she grew like crazy for the first couple of weeks of flowering. After 2 or 3 weeks of this mad growth spurt she stopped growing vertically but got bushier and the buds started filling in. She's way overgrown the cabinet, width-wise. One branch pops out when I open the door and I have to carefully push it back in when I close the door.

    I kinda wish I could grow outside and get free light and ventilation! I have issues with heat in the cabinet, but forest animals are even harder to control. What kind of animals like MJ? I didn't know there were any besides us.

    Happy to hear you have 6 more plants! Now, how to keep the critters away? Maybe there's some help for that on the outdoor forum? Best of luck to you.
  6. deer eat it and raccoons rub themselves with it
  7. Yeah bro the animals are a real problem. After loosing so many plants I did find a solution on da City. It's called hard ware cloth. You have to cut a hole in it just big enough for your plant to fit through and cover your soil dig with it and then camoflouge to the sourrounding foliage. Then you have to stake the hard ware cloth to the ground. It's impossible for them to dig through the steel mesh wire. And I use liquid fence for deer. This totally saved my grow season. Actually, I'm putting out six Nirvana Super Skunks and one Cole Train this week. :D This will be my late season grow op. And as for my little LST experience in flowering, the girls responded well in deed. The top cola had made a 90 degree turn and all the side and lower branches are standing tall reaching for the light already.:D Two days later after LST I went back out and gave them a good watering again supplemented with some good ol unsulphured molasses and Black Diamond humic acid. I wanted to make sure they got a good energy boost and not stress out and get stunted.It seems to be working out good.

    Well vash I'm jealous of your flowering progress. It seems like my grow is taking forever. I did a little more research and I found out that Superthrive can induce or prolong flowering. I've been giving da girls Superthrive periodically throughout the grow. I guess I had this dream of growing 6ft tall monster plants yielding elbows per plant.:confused::) That's why I started so early. Outdoor ops are a real pain so I'm gonna germ 3 Red Diesels and 3 LSD today and start me a new complete indoor op as soon as I have transplanted and have the room. I have four 400 HPS with mh conversion bulbs. But I'm only gonna run one because of the heat and do a vertical light grow. I wish u all the look with your harvest. PM me some pics and let me know how u did yield wise and what your total weight was before and after.
  8. Glad you found a solution with the hardware cloth!

    Don't be jealous of my plant. I started her sometime in January -- just for fun I put some bagseeds in some dirt and put a CFL on them. I had 4 plants, but this one was always the biggest. She was nitrogen-deprived for the first few weeks 'cause I was under-feeding, so she lost at least 8 nodes of leaves. On March 28 I transplanted them all into a dish tub and put them into my broom closet and flipped the lights. Then we had a heat wave and my cab went into the 90's! But on April 1, only 3 days after flipping the lights, the big plant started showing pistils, so I trashed the other 3 and moved her to the center of the tub -- a mistake 'cause she was just getting used to the tub and when I moved her it was like another transplant. If I had just LST'd her a bit she'd have been better. Since then I've been doing constant modifications to the cab -- switched from CFLs to 150W HPS, and bought numerous PC fans to try to lower the temps. Today the weather is hot again and its 84 in the cab, but I'm trying not to get too stressed about it. She has two main colas -- not super fat but okay-looking. I think when I finally harvest we're gonna end up smokin it before it's cured, just cause there won't be that much!

    So now that I have this new fun hobby I'm gonna have to shut down for summer because of the heat. I'm looking forward to fall, though! I want to get a real strain -- no more wasting time on shwag bagseed. So I have the whole summer to figure out what seeds to buy.

  9. I guess deer will eat almost anything, but coons rub themselves with it?! That's one hilarious image! They are crazy critters. Are they trying to scare off predators by smelling like skunk? I know they cause problems but they are so cute.

    BTW, trumpet -- glad your LST worked out!!

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