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  1. I’ve never actually tried lst before but decided to give it a go on my autoflowers
    I’m just curious as to how long I leave the plant tied down for? And do I switch it around?
    For instance once one side starts to grow do I then bend it back the other way and let sun hit that side till it grows out also?

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    Once tied you leave it tied. Untie it and it will start growing back to how it was
  3. Here's a couple of autos at 3 weeks from sprout, right after I tied them down. As the lateral branches grow, you tie them down as well.
    LST at 3 weeks.JPG
  4. Okay thanks for the info
    I’ve had some good growth so far over the last few days
    Should I leave it tied in the same spot and tie away a few more fan leaves to get some more direct light?

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