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  1. For noobs new to low stress training, this is how i do it!
    1. Wait for 5th node (at least) then micro-top the newest leaf set.
    2. After a couple of days recovery, remove all the growth on 1 side PERPENDICULAR to the new tops (this growth will be facing down and will not receive sufficient light to grow efficiently)
    3. Whack 1 pipe cleaner around her neck and 1 around her butt (I hook mine onto paper clips because i dont wanna poke holes in my fabric pots) and tie her down gently, making sure not to over extend and cause stem damage.
    4. Smoke a bowl and let time work its magic :D
    Thats it, a simple exercise that will dramatically increase the yields you reap from yeh ladies :> If you want to take it further (you do) then you should top every node site after a week or two, doubling your potential colas.

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  2. Would I follow the same list for dwc

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  3. Absolutely :) Medium doesn't decide how you lst, u do. There's countless ways to go but this is my tried and true method.
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  4. Where would I tie it down to on a bucket? I've seen more Scrog with dwc but my grow space is small and I want to get the most out of my plant
    So is LST and sog or Scrog a thing?

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  5. Yes - before you scrog, you will want to have a trained plant; without low stress training and topping, your plant will grow 1 main cola with several lower side branches. The goal of lst is to spread out your canopy to create a short, wide plant which you can then scrog. The sea of green is then done to maximise light exposure to your colas and even the canopy. You can drill or poke lil' holes in the rim of your bucket to tie down to (only reason i use paper clips is because im using fabric pots).
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  6. Thank you for great info brother! I'm relatively new to growing. I'm glad the community is helpful!

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