LST During flowering question

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  1. OK I've searched but nothing really answered my question,

    my question is can I start LST during the flowering process?

    I want to know before I actually do it

  2. just pull the plant over, i think it is best to pull them toward the sun. use a rubber band around the top of the main stalk, and tie it down with fishing line, attached to a string or pipe cleaner for easy moving. personally, i just think pulling it over once is just fine.
  3. sooner the better before the stems become woody and hard to bend
  4. I can still bend the plant but Im way to worried about snapping it, how far do you guys think I would have to bend a one week flowering plant to snap it?
  5. bend it till it starts to feel like it doesnt like being bent, tie down, come back in a day bend it some more. repeat.

    or if its out doors and you dont visit often you can tie something heavy enough to pull the branch in the right direction but not snap it (go light with this option, too heavy could break it over time) some fishing weights etc.. ;)

    never hurts to spread the plant out for more light, just take it easy, its called LST for a reason (LOW stress training)
  6. Also try bending when your soil is dry or right before you water. There will be less pressure in the stems.
  7. i had to LST a big plant to be able to move it inside.. just took it easy and the plant took it fine. Just moved it down a few inch every time when the plant got used to the lst
  8. thanks for the response guys they were really helpful!

    anyway I guess I should of mentioned that the plant is outdoors in the ground

    the problem was that the plant started under a tree but it ended up getting so big that the plant started losing light by one of the branches of the tree,

    I just LST and I will continue about an inch every other day until harvest!

    Thanks again for the help

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