LST broke stem will it be okay?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CC420710, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. hey fellow growers I decided to try LST on my plants the other day and accidentally snapped stem instead. I know it’s similar situation to supercropping but wasn’t my intention and have never done it. Will she be okay and heal?

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  2. Is that a photo or auto ?

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  3. Looks more super-cropped than broken. As Sd above asked is it photo or auto, if it's photo no problem, just veg longer, if it's an auto it will recover but at the expense of your yield. Try and either prop it up securely (not so it's completely upright, just so it's taking the weight off it) or bandage the break area with tape for support also. Tape is also very helpful for if the stem breaks and tears, but in this case like I said it looks super cropped. Also if it is a photo plant then where th ebreak is will eventually form a hardened knot in the stem and force the plant to grow at a new angle which will make the branches along the side grow upwards as new cola-like bud sites.
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  4. Photo thankfully I plan to try auto next round. I was hoping it would just be super cropped but was nervous. I broke a baby stem and lost her when i first started this grow. I have her lightly taped now fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone
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  5. Either leave it SuperCropped or you can splint it:)...
  6. I left it alone doing good so far
  7. I’ve broken the main stem before, it healed, formed a big old knuckle where it was broken and recovered just fine

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