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Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by timer408, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I just started it three days ago. Am I waisting my time it being this old?

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  2. lst never a waste of time unless you plan on flowering in a few days
  3. I agree. Also wait a day or 2 between each session of LST'ing so that the plant has a chance to reach back up. What I do to spread out the work is a third of em one day, 2nd third next day,etc. Put screws at the bottom of yr pots or if in bags then a small hole or rubber band around base and tie to that, it just needs to be at the bottom. dont use fishing weights, coins or anything like that to weigh em down. The branch will just lift them in about 3 hrs of light and then they slide down the branch damaging a node. Dont use gardening wire, it could choke the outer layer of the branch. The wire does make it easier though. I'm rambling, good night
  4. wow i am impressed very nice bush you got...and LST will def help you open that canopy up and get some light to help growth at the bottom.
  5. thanks im about to update photos bout 7 days of lst

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