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Thoughts on LST and fimming instead of topping

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  1. Fimming or topping

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  2. One of the best pieces of advice on topping I ever received. Apical Meristem

    "We're still looking at the science of how and why plants produce terpenes, terpenoids and ketones which establish a variety's specific aroma and flavor, i.e. what makes a sweet basil from Italy taste different from one used in Vietnam or even Japan. That entire process is controlled by one of two brains in a plant, the apical meristem. Everything about a plant beginning at the soil line to the top of the plant and its branches are controlled by this part of the plant.

    Below the soil everything is controlled by the plant brain located in the main tap-root. All of the root exudes which trigger specific microbial responses such as making an element or compound available to the plant's roots is manipulated by the root brain..."

    "The reason that plant's are topped is to trigger the production of a specific auxin but what some people can't seem to fathom or accept is that this very same auxin is produced by a plant when a branch is bent so it doesn't need to have the meristem removed." - CC
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  3. I have better experience topping and lsting when I want to keep them short... they seem to bush out a shitload more when I top in my opinion... the ones I just LST will continue stretching but if I top it it stunts it from stretching for a bit and it'll start to bush out. But everyone's setup is different too... I need to stunt my clones to stall for time lol.

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