LSD's a hell of a drug

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  1. Well I think this is quite a story maybe some of ya might agree.

    At the time I was fresh out of high school and had alot of time of my hands. Because whats better to celebrate freedom than nothing but alot of drugs right? I was buying nothing but acid for about 6 months and in the time I consumed 57 hits of acid. I had fricken fantastic times and I had some pretty freaky trips. This is one of those trips that did not go as planned.

    It was around 7pm I estimate and I called we'll call him J, he's one of those friends that have been friends with for years and we give eachother shit all the time, but him being a dealer means he hooks me up much more than I do him. But that just shows, as others probaly know it's awsome having a dealer as a good friend. So he had just got some new acid and was gonna give me one. It was a saturday night and we each drop one in his driveway we're waiting for S, but he's taking his damn sweet time on a date so we take a walk. On that walk S drives by and picks us up. So J and me are in the back seat not really blasted off just yet but we're ready to go at any second. J then pulls out a bowl and we smoke two. I start to get the laughing sensation right before you start tripping. S puts on pink floyd the wall which is awsome but the girl he was with seemed pissed off. Maybe it was the drugs but she was giving me a bad jolt and the cd skipping was freaking me out too. I feel this although small but still bad feeling led me into the bad trip that was to come, it didnt cause it, but it surely helped.

    Everything goes alright she lived like 2 hours away so when I get home Im straight tripping balls. Then it hits me like a crippie G bong after a tolerance break. Tomorrow's sunday, thats father's day, and I had prior plans to see batman begins with my dad. Which is a good time for advice to future trippers, don't do acid if you have anything, anything to do the next dayt. I could only hope I could come down before that came. But this was strong acid. People who did cid all their lives said they never found such strong acid. I have doubts I will ever find such a strong blotter. Although in those 6 months I got those blotters numerous times.

    So fast foward to 4pm sunday. Im still fricken tripping actully just about peaking. Now im faced with a choice I can go and just not talk, or I can think of an excuse and be able to explain it clearly within conversation. I choose just to go. We get to the theater an hour early so we have to wait another hour. Its opening weekend for batman begins on a sunday. It is packed. And I am honestly scared. me and my dad started playing time crisis. But that was freaking my out. I gave him my tokens and dicided to sit down the rest of the 50 minutes. Everybody looks like a new species and was talking a different language. A cop walked by and that was too much, when he got by and I saw he was coming back and not going out the exit. I got up without thinking and just stuck with my dad.

    Fast forward to movie. Anybody with knowledge of psychedelics and have seen batman begins might tell you the fear chemical scarecrow uses is pretty similar at times of acid. Everything was scaring the fuck out of me. At one point batman needs to get katie holmes an antedote or her mind will snap, I thought that was me pretty much if batman doesnt get me the cure in time I'll stay like this the rest of my life. Which (more advice) thinking that is one of the worste things you can think. Im a guy and I'll admit without caring I was so close to just straight up crying.

    We get out of the movie and on the car ride I just have my head turned right, away from my father and am just balling. I say dont judge until yee have a bad trip. The car ride seemed like it took hours but finally we were home. I saw a neigbor I smoke with every now and then and go to her house. They were listening to hip hop and it wasnt flowing so me having the wall the 2nd cd on me I ask to put it in and they do. And comfortably numb is fucking with my head. When he says "can you stand up" I stand up and start pacing. But nobody is really paying attention to me. I walk out on the patio and turn back in the doorway trying to calm down. Having a beer in my hand I had no prior knowledge of how I got a hold of did not help. I put my wrist against the doorway that rubber part that makes the seal. Then as I pull my hand away I slide it down and I swear it cut me open I saw my wrist bleeding and thought I was going to die.

    This is already a long post sorry. But I'll sum it up. Scarecrow was talking to me till I went to sleep 2 days later. I listened to the wall many times. Scarecrow pulled my face off then convinced me I was dead. Which made me feel like a rotting zombie, I just felt like shit. I was taking a shower every hour. To this day half the time I hear comfortably numb I have an acid flashback. It was pretty fucked up. Once again sorry for the long post but I think its a good story. Any comments?
  2. Sorry to hear bout the bad trip man, it happens to the best of us. I hope all is well now and your not dwelling too much on it!
  3. +Rep for all the effort you put into that and a good first post.
  4. Well I was flying to New Jersey last year to visit a few of my friends. I decided that I wanted to trip on the plane (bad idea). I dropped 2 hits of acid before I got out of my car, everything was normal.. I was starting to trip before they even started boarding, when I got in the plane I was just stairing out the window when I saw the craziest shit out the window, it was like a castle with little people running around. I tapped on the guys shoulder who was sitting next to me and asked him "Do you see the little people?", his face to me looked like some wierd alien.. but im pretty sure he thought I was insane. I got up to go to the bathroom, whenever i closed to door I couldnt figure out how to open it up again, I started freaking out and screaming because the room kept getting smaller and smaller, the stewardest came in and everyone was trying to get me medical attention. They almost landed the plane because I was making so much noise.

    just never do acid on an airplane okay?

    btw hendrix rocks, noting the "Are you experienced" under your name ;)
  5. Once I got some sleep all was well so I wouldn't call it a bad trip cause well. My bad trips effected for about a month. So I would say that trip was just really intense. But now of course I can look back and laugh. Plus it was a positive learning experience.
  6. thats wild man. awesome story.
  7. plus fucking rep for that perspective, most people would be scared away from the drug.
  8. Damn, I've never tripped on anything. I've had bad weed highs, so I can't imagine how bad that must have been. 2 day's of wiggin out, that's scary. The idea of flashbacks are scary.

    What's a flashback like? Do you just think about the experience, or do you like start trippin again?
  9. Flashbacks are hard to explain as is exlpaining what acid does altogether but I'll give it a go. Flashbacks atleste mine when I'm sober and have one it's pretty quick, but I'll feel fucked up and my perceptions will change slightly, its not like tripping but it's a fresh reminder of what it's like. Those have happened not often at all I remember one distinctive one in math class where it seemed like there was a strobe light on, it was pretty funny.

    Then theres flashbacks caused by a combination of Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder and weed. Their fun as fuck, it as if after doing acid a few times smoking gets me more fucked up. Although having HPPD is not a good thing either, you can google it for more info. But I have very mild simptoms of it.
  10. Mud, I was totally engrossed in your story. I feel I can relate my own story here and that it might give some sort of clarity to what you may be going through.

    During my early days of doing drugs, I'd always heard about flashbacks. Back then, I thought, "Wow! That would be cool... a free trip!" Over the years, I'd had what I thought were flashbacks... a stray trail of light while I was straight, a flash of neon crossing my sight, etc. But then, back in 1990, I happened to do some acid that was sent to me anonymously through the mail. Being the open minded and trustful druggie that I was, I dosed myself and a friend. And I'd never been so fuckin' high in my Life! I tripped HARD! Not only did I see the face of God, I reached out and touched it! And then... the trip took an unexpectedly negative turn. I fell into a dimension that had some seriously religious overtones. I hadn't dealt with anything "religious" (read: Christian) in years, having resolved my religious issues years before and living happily in the world that Mother Nature had provided for us. But the trip suddenly took on the issue of Armaggedon, Jesus vs. Satan, The Second Coming, etc. It was frightening, the most frightening thing I've ever come across. Even after I came down, over the course of an evening, I was still locked into this other dimension, believing that I was going to die, then believing that I had already died, that I was going to Hell, complete with fire and brimstone and the whole mess! And then, something snapped me out of it as easily as I had fallen into it. Someone that I knew knocked on the door and I answered it. Seeing this person brought me back to this reality.

    I finally found out who sent the stuff to me and it was a friend that I had worked with the summer before. She had been given the acid by a friend, but she had recently stopped dosing for personal reasons. She explained that the acid came from "wipe up sheets", where the person who stamped the LSD on the sheets would take a sheet and wipe up all the excess acid, therefore making it a random dose of acid instead of the measured amount found on a stamped sheet. Basically, I had done god knows how much acid in that one hit.

    After that first "religious" trip, I only did acid two more times (I'd done well over 200 trips before these last 3), and fell back into the same dimension as that first one, which prompted me to swear off dosing myself ever again. It was just too damned scary to even think about doing it again.

    After those last three trips (the only "bad" trips I've ever had), I began having honest to goodness flashbacks. They would occur out of nowhere, triggered sometimes by something someone said, at other times by nothing discernible. They would last only a few seconds, but they would scare the shit out of me. I would be re-immersed in the whole dimension that I had experienced with the final three trips, knowing that Satan was comin' to get me and all that. The few seconds of the flashback would send Fear ripping through my body and when I would come out of it, my heart would be pounding harder and faster than ever. I would even have flashbacks in my dreams, waking up screaming and then being afraid to go back to sleep.

    It's been a couple of years since I had one. Life and this reality are once again solid and real to me and I'm not scared of a relapse anymore. I hope that this retelling of my experience will somehow help ease your mind. You're not alone. :wave:
  11. Lol sounds intense
  12. wow u both were fryin pretty damn hard.. crazy stories
  13. ive never had a flashback. i dont know anyone who has. i used to not believe in them, but i think their subjective person to person.

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