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  1. Hi, i feel like im ready to take a hit of acid for the first tim, im at my house and my mom is here, does it seem alright to take a hit with mom home sleeping
  2. yo, ryan, its dan, you can go ahead and do what u want, but id think it safe u have a sobber sitter there.
    p.s. if you have more or can get more, ill buy some, if its ok. its up to you
  3. um until you wake her up screaming about spiders crawling on your face, oh wait thats pcp, but yeah make sure you keep quiet so she doesnt come in your room and wondering why your staring at the wall
  4. LSD is an amazing drug my friend

    just make sure you hav reseacheded it at and are aware of everything

    i ahte to see someont inexperianced deal with acid, it makes me sad
  5. tokin, would you say its okay to take acid, if theres a lot of stress in your life right now? think that could cause me to have a bad trip? i've been wanting to take it for a while, but i've been busy such. what about shrooms? do you think i should try those before trying lsd?
  6. shrooms seem safer, and more enjoyable.....
  7. I would wait for a time until you are entirely at peace with everything. If something is bothering you now, it'll be 100x worse when you're tripping. Just make your peace, and don't take them with second guesses. The worst thing you can do is second guess yourself. Just take them, wait awhile and see what happens. Have fun man, im sure you're in for a fun ride, but i'd much rather take two hits my first time, just so I can dive into the deep end first =]
  8. i wouldnt recommend psychadelics at all if there is a lot of stress/depression in your life as that can be a big factor in a bad trip
  9. What they said. Psychedelics are NOT an escape from reality like most drugs-they amplify all your feelings to the nth degree. Just go get high if you've got a lot of stress and save the acid for a better time.
  10. Doesn't an acid trip last quite long?
  11. About 8-12ish hours.

  12. Oh word... I don't think I'd be able to do that. 3-5 hours from weed is enough for me.

    My dealer had a 3-4 week permanent high. It was crazy. He took a whole bunch of pills, acid, PCP during the latter... had the constant smoke of marijuana.

    No way in hell I'd last that long. I'd probably end up committing suicide, literally.
  13. when i tripped acid i was completely done in 7-8
  14. how many hits do you take? i dont think one would be enough to trip that bad, what do you experienced users take. Ive done 2 and think i want more lol..
  15. This isnt the original poster it is his friend that still has his information on my computer but i droped 3 hits of acid and tripped for almost 24 hours straight plus i was smoking alot of bud on top of it but yeah i just thought that i would respond to this post because it wasnt to long ago that i tripped.. oh and i must add that it was my first time tripping ever... and i dropped 3 hits... i took 2 right away when i got it then i fell asleep for about an hour and i woke up with my friend tripping and me not so i took another and i regreted that later on when it started to kick in.. also the most fucked up part about that night was that i really dont even remember getting the shit because earlier when i woke up i scored 400MG of Seroquel which is an Anti-psychotic and it made me pass the fuck OUT but yeah for the most part i was fine i just hung out at my sisters in a bare room with a candel in the middle of the room.. at one point i thought i was bleeding from every hole in my body because i was wearing a red shirt :D

  16. Okay, when you take it.. ALWAYS remember that with one hitor even 10 WILL NOT OVERDOSE. The only thing that can harm you on acid is a bad trip.. Which will affect your actions.

    NEVER go into acid with a bad thought in your head.. Which is why Im not doing it right now. Dont even try it unless you are in a happy state of mind.

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