Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. man i'm fuckin pissed. i dropped 2 hits of acid about 2 hours ago and i aint trippin. my friend took some and he's trippin, his pupils are super dilated and all that. y aint i trippin? can it still kick in some other time today?
  2. well i just got out of the hospital last night cuz of a overdose. i took 16 coricidin 3 oz of robitussin and 12 benadryl which made me trip hardcore and my heart rate tripled and my blood pressure got so high that i almost went into cardiac arrest. this isnt the first time its happened, i dropped 10 hits of acid before and felt nuthing but i just thought they were fake. damnit maybe i just dont have the ability to trip of lsd, this sux
  3. nah, just wanted to hallucinate hardcore without having to pay money for shrooms or acid. took 16 coricidin and 12 benadryl an hour later the day before that and was fine, and the day before that i took 16 coricidin and 3 oz of robo. so i just decided to take the 16 and 3 oz and 12 benadryl an hour later so i would have more of a hardcore trip. no cry for help just tryin to have fun. i just kinda figured "the hospitalization from coricidin wont happen to me" guess i was wrong.
  4. dude... really.. thats just dumb.. i mean why not spend some money and be safe... well if you doing more hard drugs then at least stay safer.. messing around like that is gunna screw you up one day.. and its going to screw up your life or kill you.. just stay safe man, and if you need to trip just save up for a lil while longer
  5. 10 hits of acid?

    ..that could serriously fuck u up man
  6. yea i took 2, then waited an hour, then took another 2, waited another hour, then i got pissed and dropped the other 6, didnt get nuthin. my friends were all trippin so it was real, i guess i just cant trip. i know a kid who dropped 21 and was trippin for 2 days strait. haha that kid is crazy though. hopefully one day i'll finally get to trip cuz thats all i wanna do, see some things, maybe i'll just get some dmt or an 1/8 or 1/4 of shrooms..
  7. Funny how tripping is one of the hardest things to get hooked on.... Just stay away from coke/crack, heroin, tobacco etc.

    If you are about to go to rehab why would you take lsd?
  8. aight well turns out my friend fucked with my head big time, wasnt real blotter paper he gave me fake shit and he took real shit and he was seein if i would pretend to be trippin. as for the 10 hits i talked to the dealer that sold it to me and turns out that fucker ripped me off cuz he had beef with me at the time. so there is still hope!!! and that hope is comin up sometime soon cuz i finally got a reliable source. so if i dont trip, then i guess i'm one of those fucked up people. and as for taking acid and having to go into rehab, i'll simply say "i needed to trip on acid at least one time before i quit everything (which is a lie cuz i'm gonna keep smoking)" because acid is the only drug i've always wanted to try but could never find except for a few fake hits.


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