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  1. seems that acid's starting to come in the area of which i live in. its so fucking sweet too. $10 a hit and your fuckin trippin balls
  2. Acid rocks, one of my favorite pass times.
  3. i love acid too.

    ive probably tripped a good 40 something times.
  4. im getting 10 geltabs monday:eek:

  5. Is that avatar u? If so post more pics!
  6. Acid is amazing, but it can really fuck you up if you're not careful. I did WAY too much this summer and now I regret being so careless. If you want, look up the thread I made about stopping using acid for a while. It might give you a little good advice or perspective or something like that.

    There's the link to the thread.
  7. I have never done it and do not think I ever will. I can only imagine the horrible-nightmare trip that my mind would concoct. :p
  8. <3 acid, one of my fav things are the acid/shroom giggles. They are so similar in the fact you literally can't stop laughing, however I feel the shroom giggles are more of a full body laugh...If you willl.....And the acid giggles and more like everything is funny and if anyone else starts laughing, no matter what I am doing I'll start laughing.
  9. Ton of acid just came into me too. 100 hits costs $400
  10. goddamn....i can get it 100 hits for $60
  11. I have already.
  12. I would try acid, but it is one of the most posionous substances known to man, and if whoever makes it fucks up, u DIE. I dont like that idea. I think ima try shrooms or peyotie when I can tho. Also flashbacks scare me, but at least you dont drop dead from cactuses or shrooms.
  13. Thats just plain not true. Acid is pretty much fine for you as long as you don't to a lot of it over a long period of time. Nobody has died from LSD being poisonous. The scary thing about acid is that some people cut it with rat poison and shit like that, but as long as you've got a good source and test it out by only taking one hit before you go nuts, you'll be totally fine.

  14. Might I ask where?

    And as far as Acid goes...I wish i could say I've tried it. I've been looking for a loooooong time, and it never works out. :(
  15. You have NO clue what you're talking about.
  16. lol...
  17. i prefer shrooms myself, its more dreamy/fun and i am less paranoid on them
  18. l, fuck yeah. it's hard as fuck to find around here but my buddy can score some liquid in his hometown which i'm trying to get 5 or so hits of. tripping at the flaming lips bonnaroo set on dank gellies out of san fran was amazzzzzing.

    i'm still trying to reach "The oneness".

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