LSD weed?

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  1. Hey guys. Sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to be making this thread, but I am not sure where else to put it. Lol

    Anyway, I have a question about a particular strain. It is made by Barneys farm, and it is called LSD. Apparently it makes you hallucinate like you are on LSD. So before I go ahead and order some on a webste on TOR, I just want to know if anyone here has smoked it before. Does it actually make you hallucinate? If so, how much? Is it worth trying out?

  2. I just harvested 5 LSD by barneys last night! I haven't tried the smoke yet but let me tell you that you want this strain around! I had a few different phenotypes but 4 out of 5 put out! She clones super easy and roots in 5 days for me. And she gets huge in Veg if you top her a few times.

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  3. I love LSD as a strain it tastes great. The hallucinating thing is a marketing strategy more than anything. It's just weed, you're not gonna trip balls on this any more than any other strain
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  4. Damn.. What was the yield per plant? And what did you grow them under?
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  5. No but my local dispensary used to carry a staple strain called herojuana. It was alright but chocolope was more dope.
  6. I won't know yield for a few weeks. I grew them under hortilux super hps bulbs and one hortilux super blue
  7. Oh wow this sounds like an interesting strain of weed I may have to give it a try sometime.
  8. I've grown it. No you will not hallucinate lime that. Good strong strain but not even in the same league.
  9. To be honestly I thought so. I saw that it was a hybrid. And I guess for it to be more like LSD, or to give you a higher head buzz, it will need to be pure Sativa
  10. There's no cannabis on earth in the same league.
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  11. Kids will fall for it though.

    No way that growers will spend money on expensive actual lsd and put it on weed.

    Come on now.
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  12. That's not cannabis at all though lol.. nor can we talk about it on these forums seein how it's an unmentionable not cannabis...

    Grow journal
  13. No. Still not cannabis. You sound ridiculous trying to say it's cannabis.
  14. No. Still not cannabis. You sound ridiculous trying to say it is.
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  15. LSD does not make you see things. It does make things around you a lot brighter. It has a really good taste to it. It would be worth the order man.
  16. Barney's LSD is quite potent, and one of my all time favorite strains to grow and smoke. That being said, it does not make you hallucinate any more than any other strong weed. It certainly is nothing like actual hallucigenics.
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  17. Cannabis is the genus contained within the scientific name for a very specific plant, it does not "depend on your definition" as there is only one definition. You can call horse a penguin if youre ignorant enough, but that doesn't change the definition of either word.
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  18. Its a seriously strong hybrid. A good sample of the strain will get you high enough it feels like your face is peeling off. However, it does so without the edgy jittery feeling of some sativa dominant hybrids.

    We had a primo batch of LSD I had harvested early on in my growing years. I had rolled up a 2g joint and taken it to a friends house to share. Along came one of his other friends, and we all know the type. He walked in with a bag of barely smokeable reggie talking about how strong it was and asking if we wanted to get baked, because he got the best stuff in town. I told him that I already had one rolled and asked him if he wanted to smoke it while he rolled one out of his stash. He said sure, but it probably wouldnt do much because he normally smoked the best shit in town. We lit the joint, and every time it got to him the damn things stalled for several minutes while he took multiple tokes. At first I was mad, then curiosity got the best of me and I let my friends know to just let him finish the whole joint. After bogarting the joint, he lit a cigarette. Before he finished half of the cig he was drooling, nodding out, and couldn't get his legs to function well enough to stand. Dude literally went full veg on us. Two hours later he finally manages to get up and take his shitty reggie to the house.

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