LSD v Shrooms tripping, but completely different

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, the other day I was tripping some cid and I came up with this little "analogy" for people that don't know the diff in taking shrooms vs LSD.

    Shrooms is just like watching TV, you have your visuals laid out before you, granted things do affect the visuals but nothing like LSD.

    LSD is like a video game, you see some visuals just looking at it, but if you apply your mind to it you can make it more intense or less intense.

    Just a little thought I would share. If you have a different opinion on the differences, post em, I would love to see em!

  2. Acid is so much more real... like you cant tell if its real or not. some times you dont even remember youre on drugs. like its youre own world. Shrooms, is like youre fucked up on some halucgin weed. ( I just made that up. ) Its like " dude these shrooms are awesome " thing.
  3. I think I'd rather try LSD over shrooms when given the option..[I have tried neither mind you]
  4. Which is better for a beginner tripper? Ive done salvia before but I want to try those
  5. ^^^ they both have there perks: shroom trips aren't as long so it ends earlier in case you don't like it much, but shrooms tend to give me more bad times than acid does

    they're both great though
  6. i would agree, lol, mushies are like ya everything looks a little different, and you can melt things down and do stuff. but on cid everything is moving, and shit waves like a flag. i like cid better, better trip, longer :p
  7. It honestly just depends on what you are looking for in your trip. Many people above me have described the differences quite well, but what I would make the decision on is how bad do you want to trip?

    If it is something that you really really REALLY want to do I would suggest shrooms over acid just because a good trip on shrooms is so much fun (not that acid isn't). And when you really really want to do it and are ready for it, I find the chance of bad trips is minimal.

    All in all either will be fun, just remember Set and Setting!!!
    Time to go blaze a bowl :D

  8. Ooo, I came up with a new analogy..Sorry for double post

    Shrooms - you are along for the ride (passenger side of a car), and the driver takes you places that you better be ready to go.

    LSD - You are the driver of the car, however just don't get lost in suburbia hell!
  9. in my experience, bad shroom trips arent all that bad...its kinda just like ur not having that much fun, and i find u can usually turn it around.
  10. what i've noticed between the two is:

    acid you are grounded, but its hard to communicate effectively

    shrooms you can talk and explain things and its more of a stereotypical hippy kind of trip, but you are likely to be in your own world entirely.

    on acid i feel a connection with everyone and everything, but on shrooms i tend to feel more isolated, like i'm my own entity and everything around me is something to be observed and trip out on

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