LSD troubles

Discussion in 'General' started by n00447098, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Florida Sucks. used to be anytime I wanted some acid I would be able to find it from multiple dealers. blotters or geltabs ussually. now I can't find anyone who even has a desire to track some down.

    Why does this stuff seem to come and go for months at a time around here.

    I guess my shrooms will have to hold me over until I figure this out.
  2. Acid and shrooms have been dry round here since about April, but apparently we're getitng entire vials of it in town soon... I'll believe that when I have it in my hand...

    I WISH we could get ahold of shrooms easily..
  3. you can just grow shrooms. I ussually grow some and then dry 'em. its easy as hell you can store them for a while and always have some on hand. I've got 3 eights left and me and some friends are downing those in about 4 days. it would be so nice to come across a vial or acid or some shit.. haha i wish
  4. Around here I used to be able to get anywhere from 1 to 500 hits at a time as long as I had the cash to pay for it. Now that connect went back to college, so I'm dry as hell as far as acid is concerned. Good thing too, because if I had it, I'd be on it and if I was on it, I'd be going insane. Dropping four days a week is VERY bad for you, but you won't care until you can't do it anymore.
  5. check this

    it's bullshit, right?

    and i had the best trip of my life @ the philadelphia folk fest two weeks ago.
    god bless acid, shrooms, and juicy fruit. =]

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