Lsd Trip

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Toberson, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Right,

    It was friday night and we usually get some beans (excstacy) on fridays but we couldent get hold of any, so we thought ragz lets get some acid, so we did. I took two tabs under the tongue.

    We sat in the park until we came up. I was there for about an hour. Suddenly i felt up and then i kept seeing weird things. I looked at my mate and he had three eyes i just said 'NAHHHH' and laughed at him then i started to cuss my friend and we just argued and then laffed at each other. By now we went for a walk to the shop and i kept dodging lasers that were firing down from the sky at me.

    We got to the shop and i thought that i had like 30 pound in my hand so i grabbed tons of food and stuff and put it on the till and then realised i didnt have no money haha. So then i put it back all in the wrong place. They then kicked me out.

    When we got outside we went on this roundabout at the park and i was spinning for ages suddenly i felt like i was sinking into the ground, then all i could see was red. I thought i was going to die, i was shaking and all i could see was red. All i could hear was my friends laffing. I then woke up and my mate with three eyes was slapping me and we was back at his house. They then told me that i'd passed out for about 20 mins. THen we just sat in his house tripping for the rest of the night.

    I was scared to fuck, im not doing ACID again..

    Stick wit weed,shrooms,ex,speed,and coke and ketamine :D
  2. everything is ok in moderation...maybe u shoulda only had one...

    eat too much chocolate youll get fat, take too much drugs you die...simple...
  3. I don't think he's going to die on lsd..

    Just take one next time and if need be, increase the dose later on in the night, have fun.

    My friend can now get acid, microdots to be precise, should be fun whenever we get our hands on some :)
  4. Could you get away with posting some?
  5. Well yea you probably could since acid dosen't smell and is easily concealed.

    I don't condone this though.

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