LSD Trip Report - 8 Hits Gone Bad

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  1. This is my first trip report, so bear with me. This was also my very first time tripping at a high dose. I'm not a stranger to LSD, I had tripped about 9 or 10 times prior to this higher dose, although I never did above 4 hits. So, here it goes...

    I was with a very good friend of mine, let's call him "B". He was no stranger to LSD either. In my town, there was a huge period of time where LSD was nowhere to be found. "B" had got a call from his Acid guy (which will be referred to as "S"), and after about a 5 month period of time without any, we received the wonderful news that "S" picked up a sheet of LSD. I was absolutely stoked and asked for 8 hits.

    "B" was going to pick up 5 hits, but I asked him to refrain from doing any that night because I was going to take all 8 hits at once and wanted him to be my sitter. He agreed.

    Me and "B" met up at about 5:00 P.M. and smoked a couple Zongs until we got the call from "S". At about 8:00 P.M., we got the long awaited call from "S". He asked us to meet him at a nearby gas station a couple blocks away, which was perfect for us because I wanted to go buy myself a pack of Newports and "B" wanted to buy a 2 pack of White Owl blunts so he could smoke while I was tripping.

    We got the gas station, got our goods, and walked behind a small church right across the street from the gas station so I could eat the tabs. I placed the long strip of Acid under my tongue and could already start to taste it. The mix of the Acid mixed with me swallowing saliva seriously tasted like I was straight swallowing liquid acid.

    Me and "B" walked to a local park 10 minutes away from the church where I ate the tabs. We sat down at a table under a light post where "B" decided to roll up a blunt while I was on my come up. Everything seemed much brighter even though it was about 8:40 P.M. We were sitting at one of those park tables that was pretty much made up of a bunch of holes. I kept running my hands up and down the table because it somehow felt amazing. I looked behind me and everything was like grinding gears. In my eyes, I couldn't see much because it was foggy/cloudy/blurry, very dream-like. It's only been 30 minutes since I took the 'cid and I was already feeling more effects than I do when I do 2 hits. I knew I was going to have a hell of a ride.

    "B" finished rolling up the blunt and asked if I wanted to go hang out at the skate park right across the parking lot of the park we were at, I managed to say "Sure". (The parking lot divided the park and the skate park) I could see absolutely nothing because it was so "foggy".

    We got the skatepark at about 8:50 P.M. as "B" invited me to pop a squat in the middle of the half pipe to smoke a blunt, but I was practically deaf because everything was a constant echo. The cherry of the blunt was just hypnotizing, the red glow was all I could see because all my surroundings was just black. He offered me a hit but at this point in time, it was difficult to even put a sentence together. I lazily said "No".

    70 minutes have passed since I took the 'cid. "B" played ridiculously trippy music that set the mode perfectly. I felt overwhelmingly paranoid. It was about 9:15 with no signs of anybody in sight besides us two, but I felt as if a person was watching me trip. I hesitantly whispered to "B" that there's someone here. He stood up and looked around and tried to reassure me that there was nobody in sight, but I didn't believe him. I laid on my stomach and buried my face into my arms as if that was going to save me. "B" kept telling me that nobody is anywhere near us and I didn't have to be scared. He asked me if I was ok but all I heard was "y-y-y-y-y-o-o-o-o-o-u-u-u-u o-o-o-o-k-k-k-k-k?". I didn't say anything. I turned over to my back and looked at the stars, all of them were spinning out of control. Like a huge, huge whirlpool, only with stars. "B" suggested we walk to our friend's house who lived about 10 blocks away, we'll call him "G". I still stayed silent and remained on the ground because I couldn't even stand up. Everything was just blending into each other. I finally stood up.

    The skate park was on a plateau, so we started to walk down the hill. I used to go to the skate park on a regular basis, the incline wasn't steep at all, but that was completely different tonight. All I could see was just a huge, 30 feet drop, no hill whatsoever. I just stood at the top looking around when I saw two people at the bottom looking at me. My first thought was "Holy fucking shit, 'B' what are you doing?! I can't walk past people I'm tripping nuts". I couldn't even put that into a full sentence at ALL. All that came out was "they're staring... they're staring, what?". "B" once again echoed "nobody is here, man, trust me. It's ok, nobody is here". I didn't believe him, because I looked at him, then looked back and saw THOUSANDS of people with cameras and camcorders, taking pictures of me and recording videos. I started shaking so bad I clutched onto "B"'s arm. Like actually hugging his arm and squeezing it like it was going to save my life. It took me 5 minutes to walk down the hill, step by step, when it usually took me 20 or so seconds.

    At this point, I was peaking. Hard. We got to the bottom of the hill and I couldn't even walk right. Everything was blending into everything else. Colors were shining so bright that I could feel them right in front of my face. This is where it starts to get weird: I swore I saw a very good friend of me when I was like 10 years old. He walk past me and said my name, waved and smiled at me, then was blown away by the wind. I got so excited I smacked "B" in the chest and told him, but again, he told me that there was nobody anywhere near us.

    On the walk to "G"s house, "B" lead me through some back streets so I didn't have to walk past anybody. He understood that I didn't want to see anybody. But as we went down back streets, street lights were blaring in my face, and for whatever reason I thought that walking was illegal. I also thought that "B" randomly took his 5 hits of 'cid and didn't tell me. So in my head I was thinking "two kids tripping on acid illegally walking. I'm fucking dead". The music that "B" played at the skate park still was echoing, even though he turned it off once we left the skate park.

    We walked down a side street and I was hallucinating so hard that I saw news reporters with huge cameras airing a televised segment of ME and my parents were watching it. They were watching me trip. THIS is where I started getting out of touch with reality. I could feel news reporters coming up to me with a microphone. I frantically screamed out "B"s name and tried to explain it to him. He wasn't phased at all, which made me even more scared that he was making me walk through crowds of people and news reporters, airing on television. I attempted to yell out "MAKE IT STOP!" but what actually came out of my mouth was just a bunch of gibberish, according to "B". Street lights were bending and waving all over the place.

    After what felt like a two hour walk, we finally got to "G"s house at about 10:30 P.M. "B" lead me into his garage where "G" was waiting for us. I was so happy to see him (and the fact that I didn't have to walk outside) I rushed over to him and gave him the a huge hug. I got up then left the garage and laid out on my back in his backyard. Now, I was fucking blind because the hallucinations were so intense, I couldn't see ANYTHING that was real. I was laying in his backyard and could feel myself sinking into the ground like I was laying on a memory foam mattress. It was so dark out with the only source of light was from his garage, the door was slightly cracked open. I saw "B", "G", and my friend that I saw earlier just plastered into the sky. I was hallucinating hard, and I thought what I saw in the sky was actually them. I thought I lost them forever. I was in another dimension.

    -I was in a void between all the dimensions, every single dimension right in front of my eyes. I started to fly between all dimensions, on the verge of crying that I was forever lost. I was floating through the dimensions trying to find my own. Psychedelic music was still blaring. I started to shout "Please! Help me! This doesn't make sense!!". I could still see my friends', but they were merely images, and they kept melting away into the dimensions. I started to swim in the void, my arms paddling to the beat of the music echoing in the distance. Suddenly, I stopped moving.

    "I FUCKING DID IT!!" I roared. I couldn't move though. My hands were behind me and I couldn't move them. I looked up and saw the most beautiful car I've ever seen in my life. Blue stripes on the side, red and blue lights flashing from the top. The car itself was bending. I thought nothing of it.

    Everything was one movement, if that makes any sense. Me stretching to left was the same movement as me standing up. Laying down was the same movement as sprinting. That's the best I can explain. Everything was hazy. I was practically blind. The flashing lights of the car was smacking me in the face. The voice of "G" saying "cop-cop-cop-cop-cop-cop-cop-cop-cop-cop" echoed in my head for like 10 minutes straight. Physical pain didn't affect me in any way, I felt amazing. I felt pressure on my back, as I was laying on my stomach. I thought nothing of it though. But then, I blacked out...

    I woke up in an ambulance, still tripping absolute balls. I tried to sit up in the bed I was in but some big white guy pushed me back into the bed. I roared "WHAT THE FUCK, GET THE FUCK OFF ME!". The guy's face was melting away so I couldn't even get a good look at him. I could feel pain now, my hand was throbbing. I blacked out again...

    I woke up in the hospital. I was still tripping, but it was like what I feel like when I take 2 or 3 hits. Still incredible. The ceiling was waving, details in the bed I was in was brought out. But I was confused, as, fuck. For whatever reason, I thought I was in a coma and I was 50 years in the future laying on my death bed. Three nurses were in my room that I thought were people that went to my school "50 years ago". My skin was all wrinkly, I was in pain and felt very weak, which lead me to believe I actually did age 50 years. There was a huge light above my bed. One of the nurses asked me if I needed something to drink, which I replied "Hell yeah" (haha). She brought me a plastic cup filled with water with a straw coming out of it. She pretty much fed it to me. She didn't let me have the whole cup of water though, she pulled it away while I was stil sipping on it, which lead me to believe I was about to die, and that was my last cup of water before I die so I had to make it last. I thought the light above me was the portal to Heaven and that my bed was going to raise into the light and I'd be in Heaven. I accepted the fact I fucked up, and I was ready to go to Heaven.

    [In retrospect]
    I stayed in the hospital for 17 hours (from 1 A.M. to 6 P.M.). When they finally let me out, the first thing I wanted to do was get ahold of "B" and/or "G" and try to find out what the fuck happened. But I had no pants, shirt, shoes, phone, or cigarettes I had bought the night before. I had absolutely nothing but a hospital gown. The hospital gave me used clothes to go home in.

    I got a hold of "B" and he asked to come to his house, where he wanted to talk about what happened and give me my shoes I kicked off and phone and cigarettes I dropped.

    So according to "B", when we got to "G"s garage, I ran over and tackled him, stomping on his hookah and tipping over the chairs and table. Then I randomly got up and started to roll around in his backyard (which explains me "swimming through dimensions") while screaming at the top of my lungs "HELP! THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!". This alerted "G"s father ("G" was still living with his father at the time). His father watched me roll around his backyard, screaming gibberish. He then called the police and "G" came over and told that cops were coming over, but all I heard from him was "cop-cop-cop-cop-cop-cop-cop" echoing over and over. When the cops came, the officer came over and forced his knee into my back and handcuffed me so I couldn't move (which explains me on my stomach, not being able to move my hands that were behind my back, and the strong pressure on my back". I guess I screamed "GET THE FUCK OFF ME" at the cop and starting to kick him and kick the grass in the backyard. The cop then un-handcuffed me and I got up and quickly tried to run, but I slipped up on the grass and fell into a window of "G"s house, causing me to shatter it. The cop once again forcefully tossed me into the ground and called for an ambulance.

    "B" also said that that entire night, we didn't come across a single person. Not at the skate park, not walking down side streets, not at all. The hallucinations were just insanely realistic.


    This was my first time tripping so hard that I completely lost touch with reality and actually didn't even realize the fact that there was a cop on my fucking back. I got a hold of "S" (who sold me the LSD) and he said that all 8 hits combined was about 950 micrograms total.

    Also, this was my first trip report ever, and I DEFINITELY left out like 80% if the trip, but I was tripping so hard I can't put it into words. Completely un-describable.

    Would I do it again? Hell yes. That trip was completely worth the hospital visit and $100 for replacing "G"s window.

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