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Lsd Trip Poem

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Robitussin, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Clever Mirror

    The first beat of the base drum is based off of a self brought high
    The 4 leaf clover is what the king needs most
    The prickles on your hands is what makes you breathe in that extra breath
    The Screams can be heard from miles away

    Stop calling my name, it can't be overused
    I would really like the right people to hear it
    If it happens to ponder upon there drum
    I would like it to give it the slightest tap

    The Smoke in the background is the regrets
    Steady pace will never get you anywhere
    Run like the coward just in the opposite direction
    The Headache won't follow you much longer

    Pops are the sound of the morning
    The buzz is the sound of the night
    The stretch is always not enough
    But the turtle always has his place to hide

    My fingers are cut but they bleed happines
    The heart is burnt but it coughs an addiction
    I really like when my heart stops burning its doctor
    Humiliation is the skin between blood and the knife

    Stop imagining your life so pretty
    Julia is the one that lies
    The power of mind can control ones urge
    The power of mind can't control ones actions

    I don't remember writing this very well although I do recall some of the things I've thought about. I don't understand some of the references, it's better if you don't think about it that much. Just look at the sentence, its all based on a 10 minute thought process.
  2. Here's another one, this is more of just my thoughts put on paper, they were written out of alignment, ill try to type it how they were on the paper.

    Hell, I'm quite a damn good criminal
    Except Packing heat to the innocent man
    Love the Discussion of myself, its clearly a rumor
    Life is here, Hell is nowhere close to here

    Here I am Diving like an eagle gives me a rush
    Easy Laying back in my butter tires me
    Large The boar won't come to me for awhile
    Life is here, Hell is nowhere close to here

    Help, Struck by lightning stunned to my grave
    Everyone but Hank really saved my damn day
    Love the Chorus is heard much to long
    Life is here, Hell is nowhere close to here

    Most of all I can't dream
    Everythings a sad time
    Sustain your anger
    Sustain your heat
    Yesterday was quite amusing

    Days are messy
    And Lucy comes and goes
    Yesterday even
    Savvy is the right word

    Look over here
    In my pocket
    Very cool don't you think
    Everythings a blur

    On top of that tree
    Nicer things happen

    Yep, don't remember this one either, haven't really looked at it that much. There was a picture of a Smiley face and a broken knife written on the bottom of the page.
  3. Yeah, If anyone wants to try and take a guess of what either of them mean, please do so, I know what they mean but I want to hear your guesses.
  4. I think they mean your a Poet!
  5. ...wounded happiness
  6. The best part of poetry is allowing readers to get meanings out of your writing that you never intended. Your poem only needs to mean what it means to you for it to be great.
  7. This one is a song actually, so theres no real pattern, ill type -'s where you wait. think of it as a pink floyd song.

    Imagination --is a mind blowing wonder

    Stop and think -stare into a gaze
    Encounter my genius --tell him your needs
    Empty the feeling of disaster and hate --please
    Stone cold, a picture --ablaze

    =Chorus Sorta=
    Mystery... but a cloud up in the sky
    Let your curiosity be your wing.. fly high
    Erie Shivers down your spine... snaps and drips
    The river of melted ice... funnels into your brain

    Sleep long..tomorrow will always be there
    Let the blankets hold your inner strength to your bone...
    Comfort me... let me live under your tongue
    Sprout through you... let the adventure begin
    So Sleep long... the day tomorrow will seem like there no end
    Comfortably ticking.. the time bomb will explode

    Heres my newest one, please take your guesses at what it means, i love hearing your replies :D
  8. This one was written during a bad trip

    =Busy Bees=
    No one lives close to me
    Only the one on the anthill

    Fish cant swim in a frozen tundra
    Ugly ducks deserve to breathe in the gas
    Country fox covers his ears before they come
    Kill them all let the bombing begin
    Sizzle the land dry out the skies

    Imply my original dearest life to the judge where I am unknown
    No, cover your eyes, it'll get rid of them forever

    He's still here, just wait, wait and remember
    Easy goes the black curse alive in your veins
    Return the favor of death and die
    Extend the reason your awake, clap your hands and scream

    Cover your nipple or it'll turn hard
    Breathe your breath carefully
    Resist the urge to cry and feel
    Death is only a number
    The knife is so close to the body of mine
    The urge grows and grows
    The feeling dives and dives about
    But I still feel so god damn lonely

    =My Pet Locket=
    do you like my locket its got gadgets and finderins(?) all over
    the clock doesn't work but it tells me many other things of all sorts
    It calls me daddy but I don't do his laundry or tell it it's bedtime stories
    I do think of it as a son sometimes, i brag and talk about it
    Shining it takes much to long and there no point in going through with it
    It cries and asks why you buy my if you dont take care of me even
    Well the judge thinks otherwise, this locket ain't no human being of ours

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