LSD Tested on Soldiers

Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, May 1, 2006.

  1. hahahaha, thanks for that.

    look how happy they are! how much fun they're having. wonderful, wonderful lsd.
  2. No shit. They'd be blowin' up shit that nobody else sees! HAHA
  3. haha no shit. that some good stuff. "Oh, shit, there's Osama Bin Laden!" LMAO!
  4. "...and he has some sort of dragon with!"
  5. osama with a dragon...every american's greatest nightmare!
  6. i just watched it and oh man that was despite how little was known then, what are you thinking giving lsd to's not going to help i'll tell you that much
  7. it's called field testing, and you're right; they didn't know anything about LSD
  8. Haha I saw this video awhile back

    Very funny stuff
  9. Haha. "one of the soldiers was climbing a tree to feed the birds." That was so funny. I like it how the radio operator just threw the radio down and starting laughing like "fuck this shit." Haha that's funny as hell, +rep comin' your way.

    keep smokin'
  10. i think me and UFT are taking some this weekend and going to a park with a river and tubes... should be quite a time
  11. hahah that was hilarious

    i was supposed to get a sheet over the weekend......but shit fucking never works out for me
  12. lol yea i saw that it was funny as hell

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