LSD + Silent Hill

Discussion in 'General' started by crasstastic, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. what an amazing combination! took 3hits of some strong acid, rolled a joint and smoked it then watched silent hill as i was starting to trip.

    unfortunately (not really) I peaked before the gruesome ending, i only remember up to the part where the cop gets beat up and then the monologue about how the daughter was what's left of alessa's goodness.

    the whole time i felt like i was in an acid trip inside of an acid trip because of how trippy the effects are in that movie. had the lights off, too and my friend has an amazing surround sound system, so i felt like i was in the movie

    [edit]: later on we watched air heads, too. craziest thing happened, i was out of my body and perceived myself to be only my spirit and i met god for a brief moment. and then i came back to my body and had a strange moment that made me laugh...the song that they play at the end (really badly) is degenerated by my favorite band, reagan youth. years ago i thought about getting degenerated tattood on me, and if i had, most likely everybody would associate it with that crappy movie instead of the original song
  2. I would have watched a good movie.
  4. oh i'm not saying silent hill is a good movie, but the special effects are like an acid trip when i'm sober, so it's a logical combination.

    [edit]: and i like crappy movies because i can mock the characters and the horrible acting and the chessy lines

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