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  1. Anyone tried taking a shower while peaking? I dropped a cpl tabs and was experiencing anxiety which is weird for me on doses. Did some paces around the neighborhood for a while, but nothing helped the anxiety. Eventually after about 2-3 hours after ingestion I hopped in the shower and it was amazing. When I got out I felt like I had just gotten out of a spa and gotten a massage, felt like a million bucks. It flipped the trip 180 degrees and I was 100% anxiety free and felt amazing.
  2. Wouldn't you be worried you'd drown or something?
  3. I'd would love to hear what you were thinking, man.


    I need some doses soon, for sure.
  4. Heh swimming while peaking is on my to do list, never took it anywhere near a body of water that isn't a pool. I think it'd be cool to look around under water with goggles on.

    Anyone swim either?
  5. Never gone swimming, but I've had the chance to while tripping before, just kinda worried I'd drown or something, cause normally the people I'd be with were also tripping.

    But I can def say that a shower, or even just washing your face on acid will make you feel better and clear your head, but I don't like to spend too much time in the bathroom, it gets creepy.
  6. Lol yea I've sat on the toilet shitting for god knows how long looking at my shower curtains have a fireworks show.
  7. the closest ive done was wash my hands while peaking. i had to look down at my hands the whole time cuz seeing myself in the mirror was creepy(my pupils were gigantic and i looked like a frog or something).
  8. yea, yesterday I tripped REAL hard and had to take a shit like 7-8 hours after I dropped and the carpet in my bathroom was still shifting and looked like a topographical map.
  9. Side note, does it seem you get diarrhea when you dose? Lately I've been taking anti-diarrhea pills before a trip with positive results.

    And yea I have some really furry rugs with a bunch of long yarn strands or w/e in my bathroom that look crazy lol.
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    Dude, when my trip starts going down the wrong path I definitely hop in the shower. It's the best feeling ever. It's like pure heaven.

    You feel like everything bad, all the bad thoughts, the drug... everything is being washed away.

    It really helped me come down.;)

    (Oh, and I DO get diarrhea when i take acid. It's from "chemical poisoning".)
  11. i would love to go swimming whilst tripping..looking underwater with goggles would make me feel like a scuba diver or a fish..but if i start thinking im a fish maybe ill forget to breath and then drown..hah

    shower is prob awesome too i just not sure about being in such a small space..
  12. That's crazy I said the exact same thing to my GF, it literally and most definitely feels like every problem has literally been washed down the drain.
  13. lol..the first time i was tripping on shrooms (i ate an 8th) I went swimming and it was awesome...dont really knw how to explain the feeling lol...but it would be cool to do it on was funny, im the whitest kid and i sunburn so i remember I was gonna put sunscreen on...i put it in my hand and just looked at it cuz it was looking pretty cool lol...then i saqw my friends in the pool and i wanted to go in...i just slapped the sunscreen on my stomach in one swipe and then i went in the pool...i got the worst sunburn of my life that day...i was soooo fuckin red its not even funny
  14. Dude, i took an hour long shower while trippin on 3 tabs, blasting the beatles - other than going to the beach and smoking a blunt with my friend that same night, that might be the best experience i've ever had
  15. Word. Now that's an idea. I need music in my bathroom.
  16. Yea I remember my second time I was tripping I was peaking in the shower, I looked down at my body and it wasn't mine :D Long story shoty it is still to this day my most remember drug experience.
  17. Fuck you.
  18. no dude swimming in lake michigan while tripping was awesome, just weightlessness bouncing around, excellent, if ur experienced tripper and swimmer u wont drown
  19. I was tripping at home one night with 2 friends and we decided to jump in the pool when we were peaking. It was pretty cool because we were outside under the stars and we had a fire going, but surprisingly going underwater wasn't nearly as epic as I thought it would be. After that bit of disappointment, I went inside and my 2 friends proceeded to hog my computer while 1 played DoD. Overall, not the most fun of trips - I rolled the last of my bud up in a joint while we were swimming. :smoking:
  20. There's no way I could play video games on any kind of decent doses, my mind is gone.

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