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    I write this as I am still coming down from my 3rd trip. I just experienced what I can only describe as ego death. All I can really say right now is touche Pink Floyd, The Wall smacks you in the face and leaves you feeling reborn and almost helpless. I'm feeling better now that i'm coming down, but wow... what an eye opener... I can't really say much more right now, but thanks for reading lol...

    Alright, so its 9:00 PM now, I dosed around 3 1/2 - 4 hits at 11 AM this morning. I am going to write the best trip report I can, however I am still not on baseline at all, so my thoughts may be somewhat spacey.

    I placed the approximately 1 inch strip of blotter under my tongue and drove to my destination 2 minutes away. I started walking the familiar trail towards my cabin blotted under my tongue anticipation in my head.

    Now I ate this blotter twice before and those were my first two experiences with acid, and from them I think the blotter is relatively weak and I still don't know exactly the dose per hit, but I tripped balls today.

    So I get to my cabin 10-15 minutes later and made a small fire for some reason, which I put out rather quickly and decided I would just move along before the doses started to kick in. I had with me, my ipod and my bose headphones.

    I listened to the Grails album The Burden of Hope and started walking towards a stream that has a small waterfall i've frequented over the years. As I walked there I felt the doses starting to hit, I got there and chilled for 10-15 minutes. It got cold as the clouds and trees were keeping the area shaded, so I decided to move on before I really had no choice but to surrender.

    At this point I was tired of the gloomy sound of grails and put on Grateful Dead American Beauty and walked up the clearing on top of the hill looking down into the valley. As I walked there I felt very warm from the hike, not to mention the coming up sweats.

    I got to my spot, drank some water and found a spot to lay and look up at the clouds. They were spiraling in crazy patterns. It looked like the sun was dissolving the clouds, quite awesome. I was about to listen to Dark Side of the Moon and got to On the Run, which is spacey as hell and I really don't care for it for whatever reason.

    So at this point I decided I was going to listen to The Wall instead of DSoTM. This lead to what I can only call ego death, maybe not even death, but a serious ego ass kicking. I listened to the Is There Anybody Out There Live version of The Wall. I mention this for a reason i'll catch on later.

    Now when I ate these doses I was going in with a good mindset, ready for fun, hoping to learn, and learn I did. And I love the album The Wall, still do after this, but in a new manner. I have seen the movie when I was coming down on my 2nd trip and it was just bizarre, nothing special.

    I decided to walk around while another brick in the wall was playing, I walked to a spot and walked right back to where I was for whatever reason. At this point the song Mother came on, and I couldn't help but think how that song reaks of my mother. From this point for those unfamiliar with The Wall the songs get sort of dreary in general and can fuck with you head apparently when on acid.

    Now I wasn't involuntary reflecting at this point, I was looking to solve some serious shit, but the deepness of the thought was only intensified by the dreary sounds of songs like, Don't Leave me Now, Goodbye Cruel World, Hey You, Is There Anybody out There, and Nobody Home.

    Specifically Goodbye Cruel World, which is funny, because suicide is not something that I would ever do, and I was thinking just that when I was listening to the song. But, at that same very moment that song leaves you feeling quite alone.

    At this point i'm no longer in the open clearing, I had started walking downhill towards my cabin again, so i'm sitting and then laying in random places in the woods watching the leaves morph above me. Still thinking, but enjoying the visuals too, but at this point I wasn't thinking so much about previous shit.

    Now these songs are still a little on the softer side Is There Anybody Out There and Nobody Home, and i'm still reflecting on things slightly at this point. This is when the song Vera comes on, and this song always touches me when I hear it so it immediately brought me to a better place as the last couple songs had left me feeling down.

    Then Bring the Boys back Home came on and I felt the need to stand, I did, and ended up laying in about the same spot in a new position. This is another uplifting song, followed by one of my favorites on this album, Comfortably Numb, this for whatever reason felt a little more upbeat than previous songs.

    Now The Show must Go On came on and this song has a much more uplifting sound than many of the previous mentioned songs, and thats when I decided I was going to go back towards my cabin. Also it gave me the feeling that I had to move on with the shit I was reflecting on earlier.

    The next song In The Flesh is one of my favorites, and it has the same feel as In the Flesh? at the start of the album, but now when I was listening to it, and I could feel the difference between the two songs. It was like Pink Floyd has just lead me on a giant cluster fuck of a ride and they knew they were doing it. Just the way Roger Waters was singing the song made me laugh, like the album was intentionally made to fuck with you and this song mocks all of it in a sense.

    And this is when I hit what I can only call my ego ass kicking. The song Run Like Hell came on, and at this point I was already feeling optimistic about all the shit I reflected on. Now when this song plays in the movie it has a much more fucked up visual effect than it does strictly with audio.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (Live)[/ame]

    I highly recommend you all listen to that song right there. Anyway, when this song comes on and in this version (like the above posted version) Roger Waters is taunting the audience, but in the way he does it, its really fun, like I mentioned about the feel of In the Flesh, sorting of picking fun at the trip they just put you through.

    "Are there any paranoids in the audience tonight?? is there anybody who worries about things? Pathetic. This is for all the weak people in the audience, is there anyone here whos weak? This is for you, its called run like hell..."

    The whole time hes going through that part of the song i'm just laughing like wow, you just put me on a giant mind fuck and now its time to party, and if you know the song, you know the feeling it has. So I just sat at a random spot in the trees at this point and I was laughing. And the lyrics of the song hit me in a strange way this time, it touched on a lot of the shit I had been reflecting on, and in this manner it was more uplifting than it had been due to previous songs.

    When the 2nd verse came on, it really hit home everything I had been reflecting on throughout the album, specifically the "Keep your dirty feelings deep inside, and if you're taking your girlfriend out tonight..." that verse really blew home a lot of the shit I had ended up reflecting on because of the song Mother earlier on.

    At this point my mind felt cleansed, like wiped completely clean. This album took me to some deep stuff which I wanted to resolve, but in the earlier songs when I started reflecting they were so dreary that it put me in a down state pretty much. But when these last few songs came up and specifically the last part of Run Like Hell and it poked fun at a lot of the shit I had been reflecting on, but in a fun manner so I didn't feel bad at all about it.

    At this point in the song I just felt my head so clear, like an amazing ah-ha! moment. I felt reborn, I was weak in general, everything was awesome, the grass the surroundings, and with the happy feel of these next few songs I just felt so clean headed.

    Now the audience from this live performance adds to the excitement of it all, and the song Waiting for the Worms come on. Now this song is extremely uplifting and it pokes even more fun at the dreary moments I had been through in the previous hour of the album. The first line "Goodbye Cruel World, its over, walk on by" and it all just hits me.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Pink Floyd - Waiting for the Worms (Live)[/ame]

    Now the way they sing "Goodbye Cruel World its over, walk on by" is much different from how it sounds in the song Goodbye Cruel World as you can imagine. This song further was hitting shit home and it was the line "Would you like the Britannia rule again, my friend?" At this point i'm laughing like fuck yeah, you guys can rule that shit forever. You just took me on a giant mind fuck and you're now poking fun at it all, but it a manner that was making me feel better about all the shit I had been reflecting on.

    And then they hit you... the song Stop, followed by The Trial. The Trial is when I really was fucked with, because its a funny song in general, but as the part of the song "Craaaaazy toys in the attic he is crazy" I guess it just fucked with me. But when they start singing about tearing down the wall and shit, it just really fucked with me. Like I had no choice but to confront a bunch of shit, and tearing down the wall in a sense as this album had my mind build and destroy, but it still left a huge effect on me.

    This is when I got lost in the feeling of i've gone batshit and I won't return. Like I was going to have to relearn everything and all this shit, this was as I was listening to the song Outside the Wall. Unfortunately I guess this song didn't bring me back to uplifting, but I just felt lost.

    At this point I put American Beauty back on for something more uplifting. These songs were keeping me feeling okay, but they all felt like they were touching on me not coming back to baseline. At this point I kept telling myself I would be fine and I would come back.

    I decided to lay down for a few hours at this point, and though I didn't sleep I came down a notch, which really helped me get that feeling that I would return to normal again and there was nothing to worry about. It was weird it happened pretty suddenly, but I felt infinitely better, and that though I had lost it all, it would soon return.

    And that brings me to now I guess, i've sat here listening to shit to keep me occupied, i'm still not baseline, but i've been smoking throughout so I figure that'll come in the morning. I just relistened to The Wall to help me write this up, I hope its not too spacey, i'm still quite out of it, but I wanted to get this down before I had no chance to do it.

    In the end, I will get shit changed the way I know I need to, and this is because of the deep reflection I went through. However, I have gained a very deep respect for LSD and its ability to fuck with your mind. Therefore I strongly caution those who are not ready to have their ego kicked around a bit to not indulge in the solo acid experience. I thought I was ready, and I willingly had it kicked around, but even further than I was ready for.

    Thanks Pink Floyd.

    And thanks for reading blades!

    I'm going to try and catch some sleep here soon I hope.
  2. Nice choice of music. Pink Floyd kicks your ego's ass.
  3. pink floyd when your tripping is completely fucking time on shrooms i was listening to "atom heart mother" the song not the album...the music was so optimistic and awesome that i started crying tears of happiness...crazy shit...doing some acid in a coulple hours for the first time in a month...cant wait
  4. The one time I knew, without a doubt, that Floyd is a great band to listen to while tripping I was listening to Animals. I had just started to peak during a fantastic trip when 'Sheep' came piping through my headphones. Those opening lines from Rick's keyboard just drip through your mind like a warm spring rain falling into a lake. My head felt like a lava lamp looks... gooey. :D

    Meddle is another fantastic album to listen to while tripping. And the only time I could watch The Wall was on LSD. Otherwise I could never understand it. :p

    Floyd and acid go hand in hand.
  5. First time I did LSD, we watched The Wall. I've never felt such a constant titanic wave of emotion at once like that. Un FUCKING real. You could feel every note of the music. It would hit you and cause every molecule in your body to BUZZ. Insane fucking psychedelic euphoria. Humbled me greatly, that night I was so proud of being alive. Having the chance to experience life. :hippie: Talking of this brings back very good feelings..
  6. About a year and a half ago, I had a pink floyd trip. I set up a bunch of random colored lights in my room and locked myself in haha. It was amazing though I just sat and meditated/zoned listening to echoes 1 and 2, the amazing music mixed with the random glowing colors coming out of the dark.... One of my most memorable trips by far.
  7. Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd are epic on acid, and yea pink floyd will beat the shit out of your ego
  8. Could somebody please explain what is meant by "beat the shit out of your ego"?
  9. Shit pink floyd is good in general.. not just tripping. they got skill and are very innovative.
  10. You think Pink Floyd is trippy?

    Check out Silver Apples. BEST TRIP MUSIC EVER. Well, in way that it makes you trip more haha.
  11. I added a trip report, hope its not too spacey, i'm still coming down! Good vibes to all my Boxdorians!
  12. Pretty good choice of music, I would've gone with Dark Side though, haha. That album ALWAYS kicks my ego's ass and I'm left feeling so utterly blissful and amazing, I thought I was going crazy. Another great album to try is Wish You Were Here, such beautiful songs. Pink Floyd is so great with drugs, period. They're a truly talented band.
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