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LSD mixes!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by 605skunk, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Alright i'm going to do acid next weeek, campin, and i'm going to bring my boombox so my friends and i can trip out to some music in our tent when were not exploring nature.

    i need a good list of mixes to trip out to,
    i'm probably going to bring a few cds and i just want some input to make some trippy ass mixes.

    We're really going to for the psychedelic feel so i dont really want any music that you would really party to. I.E i'm bringing Pink FLoyd - Darkside of the Moon and Beatles - Love

    but i need some different aspects, perhaps aphex twins.:devious:

    ANYWAYS feel free to make a list!!!
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    try to get some songs by any of these bands, and i guarantee you'll become enveloped in happiness and the music while your on acid...

    Wooden Shjips (very pink floyd esque)
    Dead Meadow
    The Mermen
    The Super Furry Animals
    Black Moth Super Rainbow
    Colour Haze
    Ozrick Tentacles
    Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9)

    try those on for size, i always enjoy listening to these bands whilst tripping :hello:
  3. Haven't been able to do cid yet, but I'd think most music you like when stoned would be good. I'm thinking pink floyd, tool, lighter techno, grateful dead and phish seem like no brainers, given that they where designed for people on cid, BY people on cid... So yeah, steriotypical stoner/druggie music.
    STS9 (Whole album, Artifact - listen all the way through)
  5. Boards of Canada - Music has the Right to Children, The Campfire Headphase

    Four Tet - Rounds, Pause, Everything Ecstatic
  6. 1200 Micrograms' self titled album is great.
  7. The Album Leaf and Explosions In The Sky

    and get the song Reset by MuteMath

    You will not be disappointed
  8. What type of music is this?

    i've never heard of them before

    Explosions in the sky is great, i can't believe i forgot about that
  9. i also thought about Blind Melon, i forgot about them, that should take us back
  10. shrooms by atmosphere

    higly recomemded

  11. the kind that's good for tripping (and any other time...thievery especially for acid though)...if you get STS9 I HIGHLY suggest listening to the album straight through, but if not check out "Tokyo" "Some Sing" "Native End" or "Empires"

    Thievery Corporation - it's all good..Check out Sol Tapado, State of the Union, Amerimacka, Lebanese Blonde, Warning Shots, A Gentle Dissolve, and really anything else
  12. are you saying this music is good for committing thievery?

  13. alot of this stuff is very, ethnic... very eastern
    and 1200 micrgram is too rave , not really our scene
  14. hahah no Thievery Corporation is a band (an amazing one at that)
  15. My brother walked into my room one night when he was on acid and I had Godspeed You! Black Emperor playing. The next day he told me it was the best thing he's ever heard in his life...soo maybe get some stuff by them? Haha...personally, I suggest any of the "movements" on the disc Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven.

    You're a fan of Explosions in the Sky, so in the same kind of post rock vein as Explosions and GY!BE, I'll also suggest Mogwai, Do Make Say Think (who I just saw on Friday night! Such a good set), Fly Pan Am or anyone else on Constellation Records.
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    Pink Floyd - Animals, Wish You Were Here, DSOTM, Meddle
    Anything Grateful Dead
    Gorillaz(just perfect for acid)
    Boards of Canada
    Aphex Twin
  17. The only trance i really like is infected mushroom and nothing else really....

    There is a band called "Shpongled"
    anyone ever heard of them?

    aside from the trance music, is there a genre thats like hella weird but in a good funny way? like lets say if i'm walking in the woods and the music was just weird and trippy but it was funny, like if i walked into a strange forest like if i was in alice in wonderland

    And anyone listen to Don Caballero?
  18. the most life changing, amazing album i have listened to while on acid is Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys, also try Stooges - s/t, the Velvet Underground & Nico, The Doors - s/t (obviously) and Frank Zappa - Sheik Yerbouti have really done the most for my while on acid..

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