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Discussion in 'General' started by Pooneil, May 4, 2003.

  1. I have been to Erowid and everything, but i want to hear your personal experiences, suggestions, and anything else you know about LSD because i want to know how harmful it is, how addicting it is, how much is an overdose, how much does it cost....just anything about LSD.

    Thanks, Peace
  2. I don't see an addiction factor existing with LSD. I've done it many, many times and I've never "craved" a trip. A hit normally cost from $6-$10 according to quality although some people can get it cheaper depending on their location. I personally don't believe it to be very harmful if done in moderation. Of course, if you take too much at one time, it can be very harmful. I know of one incidence where a person drank some liquid and now he's in an institution. Beginners shouldn't start off taking too many hits. I took 7 my first time but I don't recommend that. I tripped hard but it was still a good trip. It depends on the quality of it. It's best to get it from someone you know and trust or at least get it from somebody that others know and trust. A bad trip can happen, but I usually only see that happening with people who are worrying about a bad trip happening. You can cause the trip to suck if you're stressing over it.

    I can't think of anything else to say about it. I prefer to start tripping in the late day. Trips last for a while and I just prefer not to do it late at night because it keeps me up all night and then I end up sleeping all day. Other than that, have fun when you do it! :)
  3. I did lsd once, at disney land. Wouldnt recommend it for a first expierience. Too many people, I would go to a quiet park or a place where you could smoke a bowl. Also orange juice helps your high.

  4. you have been warned bro.

    I dropped the tabs on my school bus. At the time, I was 14, 2 years ago. It was my first acid trip.

    I sat in german class. My teacher, Herr Zander ( a very knowing man if you catch my drift ) was speaking about what we would like to eat

    Wass mochte du essen Axel (me)?

    "Ich mochte enin gkg kmk miu rif gurl i"

    I began speaking gibberish, he just looked at me funny and tilted his head in a knowing way. "I know axel, I know" I WAS READING HIS MIND. It was me and zander in a dark room, alone together, reading each others minds.

    The rest of the day was basicly Me on the moon, in a star, a character in a movie, I was god

    truly fun. sorry I couldnt write it all, but my bags on its way
  5. A flashback can happen no matter how many hits/times you've done it.. My mom is an english teacher and i've read some of her students papers about their flashback experiene.. When you think about it its scary. i've done acid a few times but never have had any flashbacks yet that is.. it can happen anytime any place.. you could be talking to the president and you could have a flashback and totally freak out and shit.. its very strange..

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