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LSD causes the Pineal Gland to release DMT - (david wilcock)

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by NFloyd2357, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. I was just watching david wilcock's 2012 Enigma, and in video 5/10, right before two minutes, he mentions that lsd causes the pineal gland to release dmt... interesting thought indeed. Thanks to HighHaze's pineal gland thread for getting my research goin lol.

    Right before 2:00
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiS9ABsDI2w"]YouTube - David Wilcock The 2012 Enigma 5 of 10[/ame]
  2. VERY, VERY interesting.

    thank you for that dude, looking into it myself :)
  3. Very very interesting, i wonder how reliable his information is though?
  4. its not

    he talks tons of crap

    always pushing you to buy things.
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    you have the wrong guy then. David wilcock never tries to sell much of anything. He does a lot of interviews and work with project camelot. One of the few guys who knows what hes talking about, and isnt speaking out of his ass. I don't know how reliable the LSD info is since he seemed to just throw it out on a whim, but otherwise his information is always very reliable and never entails buying anything from him. You can purchase all of his interviews and books and whatnot, but you can also watch them for free through his YouTube account, and through his interviewers youtube (ie project camelot). Its like how PBS wants you to buy the videos they show for free
  6. David Wilcock is an interesting fellow. I don't know that I believe his reincarnation of Edgar Cayce stuff and the like, but I think many of his 2012 theorems are just as viable as anybody else's.

    If nothing else, "The 2012 Enigma" is an interesting watch when you're stoned. Of course most of the stuff he says can't be verified except for by people he talks in lecture circuits with, but interesting nonetheless.
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    Here is 2012 Enigma in a nutshell: "Hi everyone...look at these pictures of my friends and of edgar cayce's friends. They look totally alike (not really)! That means I AM EDGAR CAYCE. Now let's get down to business. [Crazy claim #1]. I know this because some "black ops" people told me. [Crazy claim #2], [Crazy claim #3]. Just take my word on this. [Possible shred of truth]-[blown up into Crazy claim #4]. Again I have like 3 "black ops" guys telling me this. By the way, it is even further proved by watching the movie "The Sixth Sense"! Check it out if you squint really hard at some poster it sort of looks like a secret key. This obviously means I am Edgar Cayce and that our DNA is really made up out of pieces of Atlantis." The black ops thing cracks me up, The only interesting thing in that presentation is the part about the pineal gland, and the pinecone throughout art and in the vatican.
  8. To tell you the truth I have thought of this under the influence of LSD plenty of times, and every time i thought of DMT being released in my brain because my brain is in a confusion of being under the influence of the LSD I started to trip harder and harder. Haha, I definitely believe that mang.
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    i dont even care about his reincarnation claim - regardless he knows a lot, and after researching everything hes thrown out there, i've found backing evidence in numerous locations. And the reason i made this thread is because of his discussion about the pineal gland, which you even admitted was interesting, so i'm not sure why your coming in this thread, all off topic, and bashing a guy, when you support his idea that this thread is about. And aside from that, half the things you pick out from the video were never even said or emphasized

    On a different note, i've been really looking into the affects of fluoride consumption, and i am officially making sure i consume as little fluoride as possible. It calcifies the pineal gland and literally blocks it from doing all its duties... its crazy. Knowing how to properly watch these types of video's will give you so much insight, and rather then be a skeptic, you can go out and do your own research on each thing said, and you'll find your own sources and make your own opinions on them, its very enlightening.
  10. Mind posting some of the corroborating evidence you've found about Wilcock's claims man? This guy has just absolutely fascinated me the past few days, and the only things I can find to backup what he's saying are from people that he regularly lectures with, or the people at Project Camelot, and their website is shitty and a pain-in-the-ass to navigate. Some of this stuff is so strange and far-fetched that it's almost cultish, but it has my interested piqued so fucking high because some of the shit I've learned from mushrooms and ayahuasca almost aligns with what he's saying.

  11. honestly, its more that i just started researching interesting things to me (i started with 2012, and mayan calander enlightenment) anf from there i just started doing tons of research that led to more and more connected topics. To be honest, i hadn't even heard of wilcocks at this point. A good friend here at the city told me to watch wilcox, and he basically connected every bit of research i had done, and then some. I can't really tell you what to look for... i guess if wilcocks makes a claim, just try and research it - if you can't find anything, post a thread or a PM and id be glad to try and find something for you. But yea, i did all my research before wilcox, and then saw his videos, which just connected everything and gave me a lot of great info.
  12. How about Project Looking Glass?

    David's proof for that seems to be the movie Contact, starring Jodie Foster.

    There is no evidence for it anywhere else except a couple guys claiming it exists.
  13. Video dont work no mo :wave:
  14. The video's working fine for me.

    I like David Wilcock. Whether he is the reincarnation of Cayce is unimportant. Whether all of his sources are entirely factual is not super-important either and until he releases his contacts we have no way of knowing if it's true or not.

    But what is important. What is important is his message. He preaches a message of self-acceptance and love. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Think of how much violence and injustice exists in the world because people are incapable of loving themselves. And if you can't love yourself, how can you be truly expected to love others? "Love your neighbor as you love yourself"

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