LSD and the common cold

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by light green, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hello, I was wondering if any of you have first hand experience dosing, while you had a cold.

    I have a cold and i'm getting about 15 blots later on today. and i wanna know if anyone knows if it'll actually cure my cold. hahaha.
  2. It won't cure your cold, if anything I find I get more congested when I drop.
  3. usually when i'm tripping i am feeling 100% awesome. and i can breathe better. and take huge hits of weed and cigarettes. never once have i been congested, whilst tripping face.

    but i just remembered that during the mkultra testing they said they were "looking for a cure to the common cold" so i was wondering if there was any validity to that, or if they were completely full of shit.
  4. its gonna be like an acid trip but with a stuffy nose. lol
  5. i usually have increased mucous production when i take lsd but it's not a big deal. smoking helps to dry it out. i've dosed while sick and by the time it wore off i totally forgot that i had been sick lol. felt great actually. good luck!
  6. If it's bad you can always explore inside a tissue box, and be happy to blow all your snot out, it`ll probably feel weird
  7. lol, pretty much

  8. been wondering this myself lately. Im going to schwagstock friday and i have a cold. gonna be getting some cid, shrooms, danky dank, and whatever else i can get my hands on.
  9. yeah man, go for it.

    im kind of scared of acid but i just had a rough experience. if your in nature it will heal you, ore so i hear.
  10. LSD increases mucus production, so it probably wont make it any better.

    However I doubt your mind will be thinking about your cold.... :wave:
  11. wont cure a cold, but if the doses are clean it will get rid of a headache.
  12. hmm you can have dirty acid? maybe thats what i had...
  13. indigestion and mushrooms is a bad trip waiting to happen haha. My stomach started rumbling and I thought I was going to like blow up.
  14. I dropped smoked tons of weed, drank a little, dropped4 doses and .2 of some molly when I had strep throat.. I had a great time and all and forgot about my throat pain, but then near the end it started coming back and I ended up going to the doctor at 9am and they told me i had a severe case and i was still tripping in the office hahha...
    so yea i think ur fine

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