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LS Clarifying Mint Gum?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Clevaland_steam, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, been a while.

    Cut to the chase:

    Im taking an oral swab thing for a job at Giant Eagle tomorrow (Friday) at 9 AM. I haven't smoked since Tuesday at around 7 pm. I've been brushing the teeth a whole bunch, using mouthwash, rinsing with a peroxide-water solution, drinking water and just plain not smoking until after.

    I've asked around, and looked on the internet, which never lies, and the general consensus seems to be 24-36 hours for THC in saliva. That's all I do, besides the occasional "how the hell did I end up back at my house" night at the bar. So I also have bought some of this LS Clarifying Mint Gum. Says to chew for about 30 seconds before the test and voila, I pass.

    Any one got any information on it, or tips?

    Thanks Guys, and Girls :)
  2. I had an unexpected oral swab once. I had smoked the night before so I was sweating, but really the only secret to passing an oral test is proper dental hygiene. Make sure you brush your teeth like normal use some mouthwash, and when you take the test i didn't actually put it on my cheek. i just kinda rubbed it on my tongue.
  3. You think there's a time frame that happens to work best?
  4. like i said man i had smoked the night maybe 8-10 hours before the test i was high as balls haha. I would brush and mouthwash as close to the time of the test as possible.

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