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  1. Here is a question for the more seasoned growers.I was thinking about taking a
    bigbud and breeding it with a lowrider2 plant.I want to produce a shorter plant with biger buds.Any thoughts about this.
  2. youll have to cross the two, then take all the seeds you get and grow out tons of them, take the ones that have the characteristics you want and cross them, grow those seeds out to see how many keep the results you want, then cross those, or backcross back to an earlier one that has the dominant traits you are looking for, and so on and so forth over and over again until you get the stabilized traits you are looking for

    but don't let that stop you, it's still awesome to grow out your own seeds even if it isn't stable

    aren't the lowryder's autoflowers? some of the seeds may be autoflowers and others may not, depends on the genes the seeds inherit from the parents
  3. Big bud and ruderalis would be a very low THC strain.
  4. except he never said he was going to cross a big bud with a straight ruderalis, that would be the route to go if he wanted to create his own autoflowering big bud, and it would be a pretty lengthy process to selectively pick and choose and breed plants with nice mj characteristics that also obtained the autoflower gene from the ruderalis

    by crossing the big bud with the low ryder 2, he would def have a ton of different phenos popping up, some like normal dank plants, some like decent autoflowers, and possibly some that even look like nothing like weed at all, it would be a total crapshoot on what genetics the first generation would throw
  5. He can use it as a booster later on. Like he could cross it with a sativa such as haze. It would increase yield and make itt a better candidate for scrog or sog.

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