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  1. Whatever happened to people being loyal? not just in relationships, but friendships. Constantly seeing myself and others being fucked over who you have trusted too easily. My old bestfriend since 6th grade? fucked around with my first real girl that I had a long relationship with and cared about. Safe to say I dropped both of them, not the kind of people I need in my life. I wish friends and relationships were easier. These days you have to be so careful with who you trust, and who you tell personal things to. Everyone is so quick to backstab you without a single drop of guilt on their conscience. I honestly don't get it.. I can't be the only one who thinks this way right?

  2. People tend to bend reality to justify their actions. In their mind they aren't in the wrong.
  3. Miscommunication. I no longer fear losing a woman because I am too bashful to bring up sex, money, and religion.
  4. Loyalty is all. I have a few rules about anybody I fuck with on a personal level and loyalty is one of them rules. Loyalty isn't a good trait it's a necessary trait.
  5. Loyalty to is important. Not just loyalty because.

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  6. Take a positive that you managed to cut some cancer from your circle. I've dropped so many mates already but I've kept a lot more, have a good work out who your real buds are.
  7. You have to look for the signs.
    If a friend talks shit on people you thought were his friends then he might do the same to you one day.
    If your friend goes after girls regardless of relationship status he might be checking out your girl.
    If your friend lies to and steals from good people it's only a matter of time before he double crosses you.
    If your friend disrespects you in any way, even jokingly, he might not have any genuine respect for you at all and could backstab you.
    If he treats his other friends better than you then you're expendable.
    etc, etc, etc
    Some people think they have loyal friends when that loyalty hasn't been fully tested. It's better to test that loyalty sooner than later.
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    This ^

    Of course you have to test people's loyalty I make sure people are loyal before I'll even call them a friend. I'll just call them a friend of a friend.

    A lot of people have many "friends" 99% of them would fuck them over if they were in the right situation and 50% of them would do it just because they're assholes.

    Id rather have a few people who I know from experience and through mutual respect and friendship that if shit gets real we'll handle it together and not just toss each other to the side and hope they can handle it.

    Like I said before there's very few things that are more important than loyalty. A person can be familiar that's fine but I don't fuck with them until I know for a fact that they won't fuck me over. Most of the people I'm close with personally made sacrifices for me and I've done the same for them. So if they're willing to take shit for me then I can take shit for them and we know we can depend on each other and not have to worry.

    I'm kind of rambling but I agree you need to know you have loyal friends and significant others BEFORE you attempt to get serious. It will definitely end up terrible if you don't.
  9. i've sworn off trying to be friends with my generation for the next ten years.
    everyone in their twenties seems to be a self-absorbed piece of shit.
  10. Too easy to have a secret life nowadays, and tons of people take advantage of that.  Just goes to show how fucked humans are deep inside.  
  11. 'You know how they say you'll do anything for the one you love? Well, make that someone you and do whatever the hell you want.'
    Nothing is ever quite what it seems with anyone. No one divulges all the details, no one keeps em all in. Trust your gut when it comes to being a judge of character though, because that will almost never lead you wrong. Learn to trust on a surface level until you can determine whether someone is trustworthy. In the end though, people are gonna fuck people over. Usually the ones closest to them. We have a tendency to make things that we love fall apart. :smoking:

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