lowryders look ok for 16 days?

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  1. First time grower and working with limited space. I started 2 lowryders about 16 days ago after germination I placed them in peat pucks under 4 6500k 100 watt eq. cfls. They are on an 20/4 light cycle and the temp stays between 72-80 degrees with humidity around 45-50% with adequate ventilation. I started feeding with growbig mixed about 1/3 recommended amount about a week ago every other watering. One of the 2 seems to be a tad smaller and droopier than the others, below are the pics.

    (The one above is the one that I thought looked a tad weaker, the peat puck was transplanted into a pure ocean forest blend.)

    the pic above is in ocean forest and light warrior.

    Any info or tips would be much appreciated.
  2. you are feeding too early if they are in ocean forest. Ocean forest has a solid 1 month of ferts in it for a seedling. How often are you watering? The pots should feel light and fluffy before you water.
  3. I was wondering about that based on what I've read on ocean forest, I have them both in mixtures of ocean forest and light warrior now. I have been waiting on the watering until the pots are light, and will suspend the growbig for now. any other input would be much appreciated, this is my first time around.
  4. Are there any other reasons why these would be so small and droopy? Anything other than over or under watering?
  5. They are fine mabe a bit to much water or under but they will come through. Just grew some they came out great. What lowryders are they??
  6. Lowryder purple jems.
  7. id say their looking good man. their as big as my master kush at 16 days with cfl's
  8. Cool thanks for the info. I will be able to sleep alot easier now.
  9. How far away from the bulbs are the tops?
  10. running 1 2700 k and 1 6500 k per plant about 2" from the tops
  11. ok... at first i thought you were keeping them further than that, and was going to recomend closer but you should be good. I would keep a constant air flow(fan right on em if not already) and water more. what is the diameter of those pots?
  12. lol your gonna be so surprised when she goes into flower, its still vegging right now and once it starts to flower thats when it grows in height. But i wouldnt give ferts for atleast 3 weeks
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    Awesome on the lights, I have a 252 cfm fan giving plenty of breeze, will do on the water, pot diameter is 6.8"
  14. I hope so I was freaking with them being so small, now I'm worried I will have all males. Definitely laying off the ferts, and I look forward to seeing her (hopefully) go up!! Thanks

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