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  1. Hi guys, would you recommend lowryder 2 for a first ever grow?
    Are they easy to grow? Do they require alot of tlc?
    Any comments will be appreciated.
  2. My first grow ( 2-3 weeks from finish ) auto AK 47 lowrider. Ordered 20 seeds, between the germination process and sexing ended up with Female 9 plants. I would say with my limited experience a good starting strain and fast. They are making big bud and cola and are healthy. I understood this strain was a smaller compact plant but I have 5 plants that are over or at 4ft tall and the others look like what I would think a typical lowrider would look like, low and fat. You need to run your lights on 19 and 5 schedule if they are autos but kooks like I wikk have a good yield.
    Good Luck
  3. I basically want to grow a small plant, i don't really mind if its not lowryder 2 just as long as its a nice easy plant to grow and it doesn't grow too big, that's the most vital part of my grow, the size.
  4. check with the seed co as to size, like I said some of mine are freakishly tall and I am not sure if there was a seed mix up or what, but they behave like a autoflower and are pretty easy to grow.
  5. I'm doing LR2 as my first grow too, it seems to be the plant of choice for beginners at the moment, I'm only three weeks in but if you want to check it out there's a link in my sig

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