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  1. Planning a grow of this strain.

    Any opinions would be appreciated.


    email me ...........skippy@ayainstruments.com
  2. what would help would be to say what you want to know... this strain especially has many assets and flaws... try searching for lowryder, a couple other strains have already covered most topics..
  3. Cant clone, all have to be grown from the seed. Plants have low yield so you have to grow a lot of it. They auto flower, so forget about being able to control your veg period potency is questionable and it contains rumeralis genes. Low smell, low maintenance- I wouldn't waste my time and money on it if I had the means of growing a bigger, better plant.
  4. continious hydro grow is the main reason ,that and a fresh harvest every 4 weeks ,if I've got the 4 week flower ,4 week veg concept correct.

    I'll soon be ordering NL#5 and some strong sativa ,perhaps swazi for a friend.

    It's actually his grow (Inspired by myself of coarse) ,and the ruderalis seeds were a gift from "another" friend.

    thanks for the opinions thus far.

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