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  1. do you recommend them. i want a small low profile plant. it will be in the woods. or in a BRIGHT open field.
  2. just do it .
    man not planting it is not getting closer to the result bro .
  3. ^Totally agree. Yes, Lowryders are tiny. Here is mine:

    ... and this was about a month ago. Now its busy as fuck!!!!

    Just try it man. Mine's only 2ft tall.
  4. do you guys recommend them.
  5. There are some really short regular strains to. Purple Urkle is clone only, but it stays really short. Pineapple Kush is available from seed and is a really short strain that finishes flowering in 7 weeks. Are you talking about growing outdoors right now? It's too late in the season this year if your in the northern hemisphere.
  6. i love you mjmama. answering my questions like a real MJ expert.

  7. Its pretty obvious that we were ... :rolleyes:

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