Lowryder X Big bud

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Fierce, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. I recently got a freebie thrown in from a order I recieved from Nirvana called Lowryder X Big Bud. Anyone seen this one? Worked with it or anything?
  2. That strain only grows to be about 12 inches tall, and it's an auto-flowering strain, from seed to bud in 8-9weeks. Would be a good strain for SOG grows.
  3. I just grew some regular LR's with no cross, I was wondering howthe Big Bud genetics would effect it.
  4. Well, the buds will be bigger to be quite blunt. Joint Doctor was shooting for a strain to have the low-profile and auto-flowering of the Low-Ryder strain mixed with the bigger buds comming from the Big Bud strain.

    As far as any other knowledge, I'm sorry I can't provide you with any.

  5. This is most likely a new, experimental F1 cross. I think we can expect heavier effects, larger buds, rather low plants - and no autoflowering. Theory says that the F1 generation of a LR cross will, in most strains, yield about 0% AF, and the F2 generation about 25%. Then it takes e few generations of selective inbreeding and back-crossing to stabilize the AF trait.

    By all means, try these seeds and let us know the outcome!
  6. damn it dizzy you took my Avataor now im gonna have to change
  7. Ooh, I hope these are the freebies I get. Still waiting for my order, should be here at the end of the week. :]

    Where'd you order from? nirvana's own site? or seedboutique? or...?
  8. man your lucky as shit i always wanted lowryder and you got it for free, man give em a try you lucky fool
  9. there are quite a few new auto flowering hybrids cropping up at the moment, one i came across recently was Lowryder x big bud x indostan by auto fem seeds. it was stated in the description that the plant was a good performer inside and out and that the harvest time was 8-9 weeks as with most autos. i dont know how the lack of indostan genetic's will affect the pheno an phisical charactoristics of your strain. tho i would suspect that indostan was added to this cocktail to help stablise the strain, sorry i cant be more help. p.s how you going to grow this then hydro or soil?
  10. can u give the link 'bout ur seed on Nirvana Shop?
  11. AutoFem Seeds this isnt the site i used but it should point you in the right direction

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