lowryder sucks! why do you want to grow it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Halex, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Just ordered Auto ak47 X Auto Kush from the dr. Im looking forward to growing this strain, I havent seen any logs on it
  2. nor me. why don't you start a journal when you get em? ;)
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    If your comparing a older plant lets compare the first strain of White Widow. I think it SUCKS because it unstable.

    The first LR was unstable just like every other first strain. Thats why LR#2 was made.
  4. never heard good things, never guna grow it either :/
  5. read the 1st reviews for LR#1, issue doesn't seem to be stability as much as lousy potentcy. white widow too is an overrated strain. the white aren't resin glands and it has littleto no flavor. it's just a novelty. it has produced some better crosses like white rhino & whiterussian but there are more potent and tasty strains out there that don't have those novel whitehairs. i see it asa gimicky strain like all of those popular purple strains that are otherwise mediocre smoke.

    99% of the bud sold (unless you live in a market wheretrue connouisseur bud is available) sucks rotten eggs anywaysas faras i'm concerned because it's all couchlocking indica vomit. i don't smoke to feel sleepy, stupid and have dulled detached from reality senses... i like the trippy, clear headed, senseHEIGHTENING buzz you can only get from sativas or carefully bred sativadominants that typical commercial growers don't want to be botheredwith because all the SOBs care about is max yield assoon as possible.

    all quantity and no quality makes jack a fucking asshole!

  6. It seems to me that your the only person how dosent like LW. So PLZ just give up lol.
  7. again... you haven't read the entire thread. i have never tried LR myself and can only go by what OTHERS who HAVE grown it have said and i've NEVER seen anyone who has praise it. it's low potentcy schwag. the most relieble reviews for any strain will always come from grower reviews and NOT freakin' catalogue descriptions.

    go back, re-read this thread in it's entirety and then read all of the overgow reports which give it a resounding thumbs down... 6 point something is about as low as i've seen except for buyers of KC brains' 0% viables.

  8. actually lowryder 2 has a lovely uplifting sativa-like high with a nice body sensation, almost waves of lovely warmness and calmness wash over you while you're brain is at ease.

    lowryder 2 is defiantly a social strain.
  9. i grew lowrider#1, was using it for practice. you know before i go into a more advance plants i consider to know the cannabis plant growth cycle. especially im trying to find what best nutes for my plant. in my place there are no nutes like foxfarm or floragro or anything like that so i choose these strain because of it fast flowering, my lowie get the harvest in 3 month from seed, light is 18/6 or sometimes 20/4, cant afford more, the electricity kinda expensive
  10. I grew Lowryder got a packet of 10 which cost me deep in the pocket. They where slow to grow they where tiny and in the end since groth was slow i let mine die. I would not choose them again. I have a small room to grow.

    I have a 6foot by 4 foot space and i grow indica because it does not take up that much room. I could fit 4 indica plants in there "top44" and would get a good crop and it would have cost less.

    I think lowryder is just a novelty. They stopped selling top44 and replaced it with a top44 lowryder and i wont be buying that lol.
  11. It realy does suck i smoked it one time and hardly got high:D
  12. Bump :eek:
  13. Only idiots go off of what others say...I bet if others told you that it was safe to jump from a bridge, you would do it....wouldn't you?? Of course you would...your an idiot..peace...:wave:
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