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  1. Ive been reading about this strain and apparently it can grow from seed to harvest in about eight weeks, and it auto-flowers meaning you dont need to adjust the light cycle to trigger flowering, it does it on its own. It grows low to the ground and condensed, I believe. Its supposed to be great weed too. Anyone have any experience with this strain? Does it looks like a good place to start for someone who's rather noobish? The seeds only run around $50 so that's not too bad.

  2. id do it, i heard about it after i bought my seeds, but if i knew of lowryder then i woulda got them for sure. mini plants under 12 inchs tall. def a good indoor grow.

    I say get'em.
  3. there are the perfect strain for a stealth grow..low odor, low stature and seeds to harvest in about 2 months i think. only drawback is obviously the yeild because the plants rarley grow above 1ft. the do grow outward though, you conpromise height with width which isnt a bad thing!!..

    ps. ive been following this strain ever sinse i first heard bout it about 2.5 years ago..im looking forward to any experiments conducted on it or if they can imprve the yeild while still keeping it an autoflower plant..
  4. what's the yield per plant about, does anyone know?
    Indoors/outdoors: Especially suited for outdoors. But also nice for indoors (in the window).
    Growing: 0 weeks.
    Blooming: 9 weeks.
    Height: 30 - 50 cm.
    Yield: 5 - 15 grams per plant.
    Harvest: Several times a year.
    Climate: For all climates.
    THC: 10 - 15%.

    found that for you. that says about a half ounce. i think a good estmiate you could get is probably 3/4th an ounce. the seeds are pretty expensive too. honestly, I'd go with something else. just look for smaller bushier indica dominat plant...
  6. I've seen reports of over 50 grams per plant on various websites if done the RIGHT way, but I'm too lazy to look it up again. If you have sufficient lighting you will get way more than 5 grams per plant.
  7. yeah, that was just the first site i saw. my guess is that a half ounce to an ounce for each plant would probably be the average grow. I really think this strain is not worth it's price though.
  8. what I don't understand is if I buy 10 lowryder seeds, and plant four of them (germinated) at once in their own pots technically couldn't they all turn out to be males? That's what confuses me...
  9. Yes, it is possible. If it was me I'd germinate & plant either 6 of them or all 10 of them just to be safe.
  10. I have 5 of them growing at the moment. The record yield of what I've heard is 98grams in hydro or something. The males usually show their sexes earlier than females, in about 2 weeks. And they can be smaller than the 30cm mentioned above, I've seen few ryders that are 10-15cm tall :)

  11. Fuck it they're so small I'd go with all 10 at once, chances are you won't get 10 females anyways.
  12. yeah, I'd go with all 10.
  13. how good is the weed and would you recommend growing it
  14. i grew blueberryxlowryder from mdanzig. i only grew one plant and i got 9g from it. i had to cut early.

    i watered, that's it. put a timer on and watered.
  15. 98 grams is bullshit..thats 3 and a half ounces...theres no way your going to get that much off of a 10-12" tall plant. Your lucky if you get an ounce per plant. I'd say you'll probably get around a half ounce per plant.
  16. I don't think 9 grams would be worth growing it, especially since the lowryder seeds are usually expensive
  17. well since the seeds at $52 or so, say you get 6 out of 10 females, and being conservative lets say 12 grams a plant. That still equals more than 2 and a half zips for only two months of growing with little cost (other than the light(s) and pots) and little labor involved other than watering. Sounds pretty good to me...$80 for lighting probably (one time cost), $20 for cheap pots (one time cost) and $50 for the seeds plus electricity but I'll leave that out since my parents pay it even while I'm at school haha. Anyways for a $150 initial investment you may very well be able to grow 2.5 ounces in two months...then grow again throughout the two months after that while smoking what you initially grew. Sorry I'm rambling I'm high as a kite.
  18. Im growing these as we speak. I planted all ten seeds. Only 5 came up. 3 were male. so now im left with two. Also know someone who planted all 10 and 7 male 3 female. They are very short and a little bushy, but nothing to brag about. They are starting to bud up now. BUT i wish i could control when it did that, because if it were my choice i would have let them go for another week before bloom.

    I will be lucky to get an 1/8th total from both plants. Like you i thought it would be easier to grow for being a first timer. But now i realize i should have gotten soemthing different. First grow or not.

    Now i have 3 Northern Lightxg13/widow and 1 fem White WidowxBig Bud that i can't wait to put inot bloom.

    Save the money and go with a Northern Light strain. They are very easy to grow.
  19. Yea, i've heard alot of similar problem like you had. Realistically, i rarely see people get over 10 grams per plant with lowryder. The average i see is about 7-8. Not to mention the seeds are alot more expensive than say nirvana strain, which i think are alot better.
  20. It sounds like its hard to control and you waste a lot of effort if the majority fo them come out male. I would go with another strain and just learn to sex them, sex them early and go back to the veg cycle. Its just a little more work to change the light cycle for the flowering cycle. I honeslty am growing right now just for the joy and experince

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