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  1. HI, I am a new member here...and new to growing so I would like to share with everyone so I can learn and pass on what I have learned. My motivation for growing is firstly out of love for the plant - mj is a gift and one of many pleasures in life. While I would have preferred to grow a strain that is a bit more potent than LR - lowryder seems to be particularly suited to my current living conditions (small space, not much time before I have to move again). Also, its hard to find any herb to buy around here so I was looking for one that is a fast, easy grower. Hopefully I will get some good experience and buds from this grow!

    Some background info:
    Germinated 3 seeds Aug 7 2008. Potted and sprouted around 2-3 days later.
    Pots: peat pots
    Soil: "Baby Bio" houseplant compost
    Light: 2 energy saving lamps (best they had at the hardware store)
    x1 23w(115w equivalent)
    x1 75 w equivalent

    2 Of the plants germinated well, 1 was a bit weak but I planted it anyway.

    Im really hoping for at least 1 lady (by the looks of it a 50/50 chance unless #3 gets its act together!

    At the time of this 1st post my plants have had 1 full week of growth since germination. My first question to the community is - when should I re-pot? And should I re-pot the seedlings in the peat pots (are the roots really strong enough to break through)?

    I understand Lowryder plants need plenty of soil or will be even smaller than they should be.

    I will try and keep this thread update with pics and updates (as long as there are those who are interested!)

    EDIT: 1st fertilization today using "Phostrogen" houseplant food - again best of what they had at the store (its a small town).

    My gf got me "Marijuana Horticulture" by Jorge Cervantes for my bday and I must give it a glowing review...ive almost read it cover to cover! It will be my reference.

    Inside it says there is a higher chance of getting females by using a high nitrogen/ lower phosphorus fertilizer. Anybody have any recommendations? My current fert is 14% N, 10% P.

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  2. That 4rth pot you may see in the back is a newly germinated "White Berry" fem seed from paradise seeds. My friend told me he was getting a bigger place so if this baby does well maybe she can be a mother plant!
  3. Are these LR #1 or #2.I just planted 5 LR#2 seeds and 1 just sprouted today after having planted it yesterday.
  4. You really only need 5-7 dry liter pots for LR and LR#2 which is about 2 gallons. Looking good so far good luck.
  5. These are lowryder 1 dwarf mix from jnt doc.

    Thanks, ive just transfered the 2 decent seedlings into bigger pots and got another 230w light. The pots are not 2 gal. but I dont have room for anything that big right now. Perhaps when I move soon.

    Will have more pics up soon.
  6. If you got the Lowryder #1 pots only need to be 1 gal if that.

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