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    I am nearly halfway through my first grow (Lowryder #2 / AK47), and i'm beginning to worry about a couple of issues regarding the lowest sets of leafs. Basically, approximately 12 sets of leafs began to turn yellow, indicating to me that they required further nutrients, then they have gradually turned brown (dieing) starting at the tip. Considering the rest of the plant looks very healthy, i'm not sure if i'm worrying over nothing. Here is some information about her current status:

    Genetics: Lowryder #2 / AK47 (Easyryder).
    Current age: 35 days old.
    Plant height: 13.5 inches (lowest to highest points).
    Lighting: 1x 250w red CFL (1-2 inch from top of plant), 1x 125w blue CFL (eco-lites). 18/6 throughout entire grow.
    Temperature: Unknown.
    Location: In a small loft.
    Pot size: 12 litre.
    Soil: Biobizz Light.
    Soil PH: 6.9 after last watering.
    Nutrients: Biobizz grow and bloom, last watered with 1.5 ml grow and 4.0 ml bloom.
    Watering regime: 2 litres of Brita filtered water + nutrients usually every 3 days, or earlier if leafs seem too droopy. I sometimes spray the leafs, but as its flowering nicely now, I don't do this often in order to avoid potential bud rot.
    Ventilation: 11 inch occillating fan running 18/6. Not amazingly effective, but keeps the air cool enough.

    I have included a few pictures below. If possible I would be incredibly appreciative of anyone who is able to point out possible issues and suggest fixes to help me to ensure that my grow is successful.

    Thank you,


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  2. Just checked her again, and the yellowing of the leaves seems to have brightened. She was last watered 24 hours ago (1.5 ml bio-grow, 4.0 bio-bloom, 2l filtered water). Is there a strong possibility of nute lock-out? Any suggestions would be very valuable to me right now.

  3. Last bump for help.
  4. did you flush before you started to flower if not you should
  5. Hey,

    Thanks for replying. I didn't flush before they started to flower, although I didn't have any problems during the first 15 days of flowering. I have flushed them today with 14 litres of filtered water, then watered with 2 litres of filtered water + 4.0 bio-bloom alone because i'm thinking that there could be too much nitrogen? I had been increasing the dose by 0.25ml per litre of water and fed with every watering, usually 50/50 grow/bloom. A couple of other leaves have began to yellow now but are not dieing like the ones at the bottom. I'm really dissapointed at the moment, I have about 37 days left, and I hope that it lasts until the end.

  6. how big is the pot shes in
    the reason you should flush is because salts build up in the soil
    which will change the ph so when you flush you get the salts out
    and the ph go back were it should be
  7. Hey,

    I included information i.e. pot size in my original post (11 litre, although theres about 8-9 litres of soil in it). I should also mention that I hadn't given any nutrients to her before she flowered, her first feeding was about 8 days later.

    So i've flushed her, fed her just 2.0ml per litre (low nitrogen), and i'm hoping to see some improvement, if she has worsened by the time it comes to watering again, i'm going to make the assumption that she has too little nitrogen and give her a large boost of bio-grow i.e. 3.5ml per litre.

    I'm really not sure what else to do.

  8. Sounds like your heading in the right direction............I would remove those bottom leaves and trim about 30% of the other older fan leaves to allow more light to bud sights. Good luck

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