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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bushykush, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hi all, i'm from "sunny" old UK land, and i want to grow me some lowryder.

    Just wondering what the ideal DIY growbox for me would look like (ie, dimensions, lighting etc)

    Thanks all, happy toking!:smoking:
  2. you alright dude, im from london, so when i saw ur a fellow UK head i had to jump in!!

    Ive just completed my first grow of 6 Diesel Ryders, under 4 x125W CFLS.

    If your only interested in doing lowryders for a bit of percy smoke, then CFL's are A OK, especially in a small area.

    LR's can grow upto (rarely, but does happen) 2feet. Normally around the 18" marker.

    So your gonna want a cabinet at least 2 1/2 feet tall. Thats if your gonna use CFL's (Definately a smarter idea in a small sized cab). You need to balance CFL's as close to the plant as possible because their light penetration is rubbish compared to HPS. So your gonna wanna hang em about 10cm away, not any less because they get a little hot.. but nothing major. Just dont let em touch.

    On the other hand, HPS your gonna want a bigger grow space, a little 250W HPS would be a much more "valuable" choice. Basically, HPS gives off more bud in most cases, because they give off alot more lumes than CFL's do.

    Ill tell you my setup so you can get a fix for it.

    BudBox Grow tent (75cm W, 75cm D, 1m H).
    4 x 125 Envirolights (2 red, 2 blue).

    I use passive intake instead of active, its not really needed for a small amount of heat/light.

    Whatever you do, GET YOURSELF A CARBON FILTER FOR THAT EXTRACTION. We dont want you getting caught!

    hope i helped dude
  3. yeah man, thats a real help :smoke:

    Just wondering how much space i'll need for one single plant, and how many lights i'll need for that area, cheers for the help

    Happy toking! :smoking:

  4. Cheers man, thats a really good idea, i'm planning to do a ScrOG grow in there, do you reckon that's a good idea with lowryders?

    Too tight arsed to invest in a hydroponics system :p

    also, will Lowryders give good results under CFLs? i don;t wanna burn them with HPS lamps

    Cheers mate, happy toking :smoke:
  5. mine are growing fine with a 125 watt cfl :hello: and some low stress training ,bending the fuckers every where i can to make the most of the space :devious:
  6. Haha, sounds more vicious than it probably is, but i think i'll leave doing that 'till i've had some more practise on em.

    Good luck, and i wish you a large yield :)

    Happy Toking :smoke: (when it's grown:p)
  7. yer mate enviro's are ok. After my first grow i can tell you i will use them again for veg. but i do really want to lean towards a small hps! The bud off enviros are quite airy, still nice fat buds, just not solid or anywhere near it! Lowryders themselves generally are too quick growing to top or anything like that. Training maybe, i havent tried it myself.

    Oh, if going for enviros. You'll do yourself better, if you use a blue light for veg or young stage, and add red enviro light when they start budding! Mixed spectrum is preferred.

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