Lowryder Diesel Ryder???

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  1. just to clarify lowryder diesel ryder is an autoflowering strain right?
  2. it's it is.
  3. ok cool beans. how is it for an auto flower? ive heard ppl say that the quality of the buds arent as good as those grown on a 12/12 cycle. like they said it lacks yield, potency, and flavor, is this true?
  4. you will get around 20-30 grams per plant , and the smoke it just fine.

    Literally I was smoking some from a friend, and was telling him how great His grass was, and then the shocker that hit this Ruderalis hater hard ..it was an auto.

  5. how big do they normally get? i mean if it flowers by itself then it cant get that big right? word, i heard ppl talkin bout it and i kinda wanna try it after my current grow
  6. 2 feet high approx ( and on the tall side too for safe measure), or less if You are willing to say tie the top down to the side of the pot, and make em grow at an angle....
  7. thats legit, ima have to grab me some of those then, i bet if i started them now they would finish before my other plants
  8. Lowryders max out at most 2 feet tall, and claim to get a max yield of 45-50grams indoors, some claim upto 75grams "if you use proper planter sized pots" but never bother to say if you should use a 3 gallon pot, or a 6 inch planter.

    Most autoflower strains will go from seed to harvest in 7-9 weeks. If you were to run a regular bean from start of germination, say 30 days of vegging, followed by 8-10 weeks of flowering the total time would be approximately 4 months. In that 4 month span you could run 2 full start to finish autoflower grows give or take a handful of days.

    For some people, running an auto in their system takes up space and time. If you don't have to worry about height limitations in your grow space, then autos take up space that a regular bean could use that time to grow tall and strong and yield a bigger harvest than 2 auto flowers would give in the same amount of calender time.

    Think of it this way, if I got the max yield out of 2 auto flowers giving me say 3 ounces, and in the same time I grew a regular seed as mentioned above, but could yield 6 ounces in the same 4 months time frame which one would you probably choose?

    Auto's a great, I'm going to run 3 over the summer while I have another micro grow flowering, but my micro units have a grow space height limit of 10-14 inches, in my situation a fast producer like auto's are probably a better choice, as compared to running a plant for 4 months and having to train and top the hell out of it and at the end of the day in a micro situation auto's would be a better suited choice.
  9. thats sweet! yea my current grow wont be ready to harvest til the fall since im doing it outdoors, so i figure an auto would be nice for in between lol

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