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  1. I'm growing my first plant, and it's been recommended to me to try Lowryder 2. The seed germinated around April 8th or 9th. Since I live in a city, I've had to grow the guy on my balcony. As it is, it only receives direct sunlight from sunrise to mid-day. It's now May 14th and some buds are beginning to appear. That being said, I'm worried the plant isn't getting enough sunlight. Will the plant still grow well on the balcony? If so, will it simply take longer till harvest?

  2. i think this is posted in the wrong section my friend. try absolute beginners. in marijuana growing.
  3. Yea, as stated above, OSG does hangout here alot, and I'm sure is going to get around to answer this sooner or later if it doesn't get deleted, but try posting it here.

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  4. It'll be fine. You'll just get better yields if it gets more Sun.

    I stay away from auto-flowering plants though, for many many reasons, the #1 of which none of them are as potent as their traditional counterparts.

    Good luck with the grow, and yes please post in the growing section next time :p
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    My apologies for posting this in the wrong section. I'm new to the site and I saw seasoned tokers and identified with that. Thank you for the comments, I didn't know auto-flowering plants had lesser yields. I'll keep that in mind next time.

    And "coffee805," maybe you should keep your posts to the "absolute douchebags" forum... I think that would be more appropriate for you.


    Name-calling isn't allowed at GrassCity bro, please read the rules before posting again. ~AK~
  6. Well it's not as much the yield, though that can be more limited, as the potency. All auto-flowering strains were at some point crossbred with cannabis sativa v. ruderalis, the form of wild hemp that auto-flowers. It's also incredibly low in THC, so many if not all auto-flowering strains take a slight hit in potency. Don't get me wrong; they can be decent smoke, some even quite good. I am just more in favor of keeping the gene pool clean of ruderalis.

  7. In the Marijuana Growing section there is an Absolute Beginners sub-forum. As you said you're new to the site but don't call someone a douchebag when they're trying to be helpful and you don't know what you're talking about.
  8. Yes namecalling is never called for.
  9. Hey bro I would love to see some pics if you have any. Of the plant, and if you have a nice view, throw that in there too. :D :wave::smoking:

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