Lowryder autoflowers, what yield?

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  1. i know it is hard to tell a yield but i am guerilla growing and dont want to only plant one seed to discuver that 9 weeks of work only got me a quarter.
    ok so i baught these, and im growing in scotland, its promised to be a good summer and gets really hot during the day, so i found a good spot, its a little close to a house but has tall shrubbery around it so i will just cut out a circle and clear it, now im wondering, i got 5 seeds. how many i should plant. i dont want to bang down all 5 just for them all to die, so should i plant 1? 2 ? or 3. bearing in mind i need to pay for all supplies for 3 and i dont have that much money.
    how much would i get rougly per plant?
  2. Lowryder?? Stuff all.
  3. damn outdoor lowryder could go either way. You could get a low yield of some nice fluffy stuff which looks like a zip even though its a half, or you could get squat. Id say germ all indoors and transplant to outdoors.
  4. Half a pound is that ????
  5. No, a zip is an ounce, haha

  6. well if your growing the lowryder feminized and you dont kill it than your gunna get some but. i have no experience wit this strain but i think i might grow a few this year. we will see how it turns out
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    Half an ounce a plant??? ABSOLUTELY no way is that worth the effort.

    And you Americans, in the land of the NOT so free, are you really risking jail for a miserable, pathetic, half an ounce a plant ???? You must be MAD.
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  8. im british
  9. they say such a little amount but all the indoor ones ive looked at people were getting up to 2 oz's on one lowryder #2 and it takes 2 months from seed, idk maybe its just me but i see nothing but pros in autoflowering as long as u baby them they can yeild u alot for their size and FAST

  10. i definitely agree with you that you can baby them, and get a fast yield but i dont think it will be that big of a yield. probably around 2-3 ounces a plant if grown in good conditions outdoors. dont get me wrong, its an awsome outcome, but ide rather grow some monster plants. but this season im fortunate to grow both!:hello: so i really cant wait to see the outcome.
  11. You can make a non autoflowering strain flower early anyway, autoflowering is just easier. I weighed that up and in the end that's what stopped me buying a lowryder-related strain, as the yield is too low to be worth the effort, especially since it's my first grow, and if it even goes successfully, it's likely that the yield will be pretty low anyway.

    Though some people have still had pretty big yields with lowryder, the average yield is still pretty low.
  12. Ahahhahaa
  13. Just playing devils advocate here -- they're absolutely worth growing for that measly half ounce a plant when you consider how easy they are to hide, compared to larger plants.

    As for yield, you just don't know. The genetics aren't stable, and conditions & nutes influence everything ... you could get 2 ounces or you could get 7 grams, you just don't know until you grow it.

  14. half o a plant, 3 plants under the sun, 1.5 ounces, 450$ of bud for the cost of seed, soil and sunshine?

    Sounds worth it to me. :smoking:
  15. Seed and sunshine cost me the same for 18 ounces a plant of white widow. Soil maybe a few cents extra.
  16. So am I.

  17. ooh I see, why grow autoflower lowryders outdoor and get a half o(maybe!) when you can get a way bigger yield for the same price. I get it now, I was still thinking indoor. Sorry for my other post.
  18. you said i was an american, thats all.
  19. Yes he was jumping to conclusions, and exposed his deep seeded pointless hate towards Americans conditioned into his mind since birth.

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