Lowryder auto strains for beginners

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  1. Lowryder #2 will mature quicker than any non-auto-flowering variety.Indoors, Lowryder cannbis seeds performs very well in soil mix (pots or beds) or in soil-less systems, where it can be cultivated from seed to bud in two months – 18 hours of light per day is recommended all the way through.

    Sounds like a beginners, mirco & stealth dream.
  2. nope. damn, these threads keep popping up like twice a day here >_<
    lowryder#2 is an early autoflowering strain and thus sucks ass, you can expect extremely inconsistent super tiny yields of low quality bud from that (youre lucky if one plant yields 10 grams). a normal strain might take half a month longer, but its gonna be twice as good and 5 times as much and not a bit harder to grow. the autoflowering trait just takes away the control over flowering, it doesnt make anything easier.
    newer auto strains have gotten much better with 2 or 3 times the yield of a lowryder#2 and much better quality. still, for indoor growing, theyre rather pointless and have much more disadvantages than advantages over regular strains.
    what autos are good for are outdoor grows for early harvests in the summer, for climates where the short cold auttumn doesnt allow for even the fastest photoperiod strains and for spots such as a balcony where ambient light cant be shut out at night to be sure that a photoperiod strain is gonna flower in time and without hermying.
  3. I'm looking at Santa Maria x Lowryder right now...

    The problem being I need a small, fast growing crop.
  4. yeah, use a fast-flowering regular strain. more reliable, more and just better overall. and growing it as small as an auto is no problem at all.

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