Lowryder Auto Blueberry wont flower?

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  1. hi,

    So these girls are feminised and its been about 30 to 40 days old (im not even keeping track)
    they have been outdoor the whole time and ive just been watering it when needed. I know how much 2 give, never let it dry out or get too wet. The bugs have been staying away, ive even got a few ladybugs that found there way there. All she is doing is vegieing, cant see any sing of flowering, i al almost tempted 2 bring one inside under a HPS just to see what happens. Here's some pics

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  2. I would just ride it out. Are you under some sort of time restriction? If you are bring them inside, otherwise just roll with it. Its also possible your auto flowering seeds are not so...
  3. No, i have plenty of time adn im sure they must be what they seam, they are growing the same and the pack they came in was sealed.
  4. Well they all look the same..? I dont see any real sign of flowering from any of those three you posted. So they are what they seem. Good looking, young, plants.
  5. So its been a month now since the last pics and i havent dont anything else but change the pot size of one of my plants (the middle one) and yet none are flowering. Although the two on the sides are looking quite pathetic. Should i just wait it out more? Ooh and ive been needing to cut some of the fan leaves as they have been wilting and just turning white.

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  6. Wilting and turning white is signs of a deficiency. What are you feeding them?
  7. just water, but its only effecting 2 of the plants
  8. can you just give water and get bud? i thought it need nut to flower? just taggin along growing outisde and have no clue what to feed it lol
  9. Sounds like those are not auto seeds. U say they are feminized dosent mean they are autos. If that is the case an they are still out side they won't flower this time of year.
  10. Its not flowering because it's not an autoflower. And the light cycle outside right now isn't right to throw it into bud. Ur gonna have to take them inside and stick em on 12/12 12 light and 12 dark. Then they will flower. and get some nutrients for em or ur shit will be fucked up. BC nutrients. Fox farms nutrient shit like that will work
  11. Your plants look like they need nutrients... They look very yellow and pale would try to feed em some organic grow.. I have great success with age old ORGANICS grow...bloom...and kelp... You can find at your hydroponics store it's really inexpensive and works great... I will just feed em grow until u see signs of preflower which at that point I would stop the grow an feed em the bloom.
  12. have you thought maybe you didnt get autoflower seeds...
  13. Well i am in Australia and its almost half way through summer, not sure if thats the season you are referring to
  14. Lol man. Your plants wont flower until the end of summer....

    Edit: They wont be done flowering until then. Outdoor plants take 6 months or so to grow.
  15. well at least i have a timeframe now, i can wait till then, in the mean time i'll get some nutrients for the babys
  16. although i am wondering what type of strain they may be, think i need to wait another month before i can tell?

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