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  1. 10 galon konteiners is the key . FROM THE START
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  2. very nice!
    any details?
    we usually share info here not just bragin abot a good harvest)))
    im just kiddin

    by the way why is that in the problem plants section
    becouse thay look sick? lol
  3. yes man thay look sick . if you have questions ASK ????????
  4. im getting ready to get some of these seeds and do my own grow, please tell me what light were you using and how much was the avg yeild per plant? Im planning on doing a full organic grown with a 400w hps oh and how many days from seed to harvest?
  5. from seed to harvest 60 days . i have 600w hps. green power philips. 60 to 80 grams per plant
  6. 60 days 10 galon conteiners goooooooooooooooood harvest
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    sounds sick)
    u talking about the dry weight?
    doesnt loook like 80 per plant
    i was growing LR 2 myself
    maybe the density of the buds?
  8. What medium are you using? Where did you get your seeds?

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