lowryder 24-0 lighiting?

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  1. hi there i am currently growing lowryders and i wanted tio know is it ok to have the lights on 24-0 all the way through the grow? my gorw box is in my garage and when the lights go off the box hits really low temperatures (like 17c) so i think that full lighting is my onlt option do you think this would be ok?
  2. the site you got them from should tell you how long to leave the lights on, but if its an autoflowering plant, which it is i heard to leave them on 20 hours a day and 4 hours of dark a day
  3. That's what I'm doing (24/0). It's working fine so far, but they're still in veg. How old are yours?
    I have read some accounts of people getting autos that don't autoflower, and they have to reduce the lighting to 12/12 to induce it. That rarely happens though, so it's probably a rouge pheno.
  4. mine are about 3/4 days old (i was away the weekend so not quite sure when they pushed through) but there looking good i think im gunna have to stick to 24
  5. At least for veg, when they flower you might want to put them on 20/4, I remember something about trichs growing quicker during the sleep cycle, that's why most growers harvest just before the lights come on.

    Edit: Now I remember, light degrades thc, that's why everyone harvests just before "sunrise". So 24/0 all the way!!
  6. well in that case anyidea how i can increase my gorbox temps when the lights are off?
  7. If you have good lightproofing, set the timer so that the four hours of darkness happen at the hottest time of day. That should even things up.
  8. im in the uk we dont get hot around here alot lol and its in a garage with no heating thats not attached to the house (has power though) what temps can weed stand at night?
  9. Yeah, I saw it in your name, I'm only over the water from ya.
    From what I've read, 21 degrees is the bottom of the sweet spot, so surely it'll be that midday for the next three months. In autumn you may have to think about putting in a heater. Do you have a max/min thermometer?
  10. i only have a old fashinoned thermometer you know the kind with mercury i have that sitting ontop of the pots (not over plants obviously:) ) i may have to sneak it back into the house and sort some venting out thanks for you help tim
  11. No worries bud, glad to help. If you can, pick up a dual max/min thermometer & hygrometer (one item lol) it'll help a lot. While 21 might be the low end of what's optimum, I'm sure they could cope with it a few degrees lower. The ruderalis heritage is from eastern Europe and is much tougher than pure indicas or sativas,so autos should be able to handle extremes of temps better.
    I'm going to the beach tommorow so I won't be on here until eveningtime at the earliest.
    Chat to ya later.
  12. thanks for your help tim you have been great i notice your on your first grow aswell but ahead of me hope its going well (it seems to be by your pics) i might have to come to you for more help lol
  13. No worries noob, thanks for checking out my grow! It's going ok, well enough for me to be satisfied, it's my first time growing.

    Love the name BTW, elite noob, does that mean that you're a better type of noob? Or just rareified?
  14. actually the plant stores all the available nutes in the stalk at dark periods, thus the issue with dark harvesting :p to retain a less nute taste.
  15. Thanks FreshMeat, that's good to know!
  16. im a super noob lol aiming to get better im sure i will once this first grow is done i will have learnt so much first one all about the learning i think.....
  17. I agree. Any smokeable bud from the first plant is like a complete bonus.

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